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Log Description

Last updated: 2020-05-28 16:56:24

    ClickHouse Server Log Description

    ClickHouse server log configuration items are in the config.xml file in the /etc/clickhouse-server directory by default.

    • level records the server log level, which can be trace, debug, information, warning, or error.
    • log records the file path.
    • errlog records the error log file path.
    • size and count record the maximum size of historical log file and maximum number of historical log entries that can be retained respectively.

    ClickHouse Client Log Description

    When using the clickhouse-client command line to run SQL statements, you can set the send_logs_level parameter in interactive mode to view the logs of each execution. :) set send_logs_level='trace';  
    SET send_logs_level = 'trace'
    0 rows in set. Elapsed: 0.001 sec. 

    When starting clickhouse-client, you can specify the send_logs_level and log-level parameters.

    clickhouse-client  --send_logs_level=trace --log-level=trace

    You can use the command with --server_logs_file to save the logs to the specified file.

    clickhouse-client  --send_logs_level=trace --log-level=trace --server_logs_file='/data/query.log'
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