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Creating Clusters

Last updated: 2023-12-27 15:04:46


    This document describes how to create a container-based EMR cluster in the EMR console.


    1. You have completed the role authorization. For more information, see Role Authorization.
    2. You have completed the COS authorization. When you create a cluster, if COS access has not been granted, the following prompt will be displayed. Click Authorize now to authorize COS. After successful COS authorization, you won't need to authorize COS again when creating clusters in the future.


    1. Log in to the EMR console and click Create Cluster on the container-based cluster list page.
    2. On the Create Cluster page, configure the following items:
    Field Name
    Cluster Name
    1. The name can contain 6–36 letters, digits, hyphens, and underscores.
    2. A random cluster name will be generated by default.
    A region is the physical location of an IDC. Currently supported regions include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Nanjing.
    Cluster Type
    Currently, Spark and RSS cluster types are supported.
    Component Version
    Components and their version information under the selected cluster type.
    Container Type
    If you want to select an EKS cluster but there is none in your region, a hidden EKS cluster (counted against the quota) will be automatically created to expand EMR compute resources.
    Container Network
    Set a network dedicated for the hidden EKS cluster. If you have selected a container network for this EKS cluster, it is bound and cannot be changed.
    Specification Configuration
    Currently, resource specifications can be configured only for RSS clusters. You can configure the Pod specification of the Coordinator and Shuffle Server roles as needed. Note that once specified, the data disk type, disk size and quantity, CPU type and range, and memory range cannot be modified.
    COS Bucket
    1. Select an existing bucket or create a new one in the COS console.
    2. Before using COS, you need to grant COS read/write permissions to the EMR cluster first.
    3. Click Create. Then, you can view the newly created cluster in the EMR console.
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