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Last updated: 2023-12-15 09:59:07

    What is HTTP/3

    HTTP/3 (HTTP over QUIC) is the next-generation Internet transmission protocol, designed to solve the head-of-line blocking issues in HTTP/2. Instead of being based on TCP, HTTP/3 uses the QUIC protocol, which is based on the UDP protocol. Compared to HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2, HTTP/3 provides faster connection establishment and data transmission speeds, supports multiplexing for simultaneous transmission of multiple requests and responses, and has made improvements in areas such as congestion control, header compression, etc., significantly reducing latency and waiting time, and improving website performance and user experience.

    EdgeOne's support for HTTP/3

    EdgeOne now supports both HTTP/3 and QUIC protocols, with the following versions of the QUIC protocol supported:
    Supported Versions
    Google QUIC(gQUIC)
    draft-27、draft-29、RFC 9000

    How to use HTTP/3 or QUIC access in your App

    If your users need to access through an App, the App needs to integrate support for HTTP/3 or QUIC protocols. EdgeOne provides a QUIC SDK to help you quickly complete the integration. For details, please refer to the QUIC SDK download and integration example.
    If your site is mainly a website, and the user's current browser supports the QUIC protocol and has enabled QUIC protocol access, your site only needs to enable HTTP/3 (QUIC) on EdgeOne to support it. You can check whether the current browser supports HTTP/3 by viewing if the browser supports HTTP/3.
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