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Bot Exception Rule

Last updated: 2023-09-21 10:24:39


    The bot management exception rules provide an allowlist configuration option for the bot management module, allowing for quick configuration to release valid bot access. Once released, all other bot rule modules will be skipped, avoiding valid requests being disposed of by other bot rules.
    This function is only supported by subscribing to the EdgeOne bot management option.

    Scenario: Releasing valid monitoring tool requests

    Example Scenario

    In order to check the operation of the domain name api.example.com, a monitoring tool is deployed on a device with a client IP of, periodically accessing the API and observing service performance and availability. Since the monitoring tool does not have a complete browser kernel, it mainly uses the cURL external tool library for access, and has periodic high-frequency access characteristics. To avoid the monitoring tool being blocked wrongly, its features can be added to the bot management exception rules.


    1. Log in to the EdgeOne console and click Site List in the left sidebar. In the site list, click the target site to enter the site details page.
    2. On the site details page, click Security Protection > Bot Management to enter the bot management details page.
    3. In the exception rules of bot management, click Set to enter the exception rule setting page.
    4. Click Add Rule, enter the rule name, select the match condition as the client IP matching, and perform the action to skip all bot management module rules.
    5. Click OK to issue and make the exception rule effective.
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