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Extra Package Description (Prepaid)

Last updated: 2024-06-06 17:59:46

    Extra Package Description

    EdgeOne extra packages are divided into security acceleration traffic packages and security acceleration request packages, which can be used to deduct overage fees outside the plan. Compared to the pay-as-you-go method, the unit price of EdgeOne extra packages is more favorable. You can choose to buy suitable extra packages according to the actual business consumption.
    1. Please make sure you have purchased the EdgeOne plan. After purchasing the plan, the extra package can be effective.
    2. Extra packages are only applicable to the deduction of usage generated by prepaid personal edition/basic/standard plan, and not applicable to the deduction of usage generated by enterprise plan.
    3. Security acceleration traffic packages are only used to deduct L7 (Application layer) traffic and are not applicable to deduct L4 (Transport layer) traffic and exclusive DDoS protection traffic.
    4. Security acceleration request packages are only used to deduct HTTP/HTTPS requests and are not applicable to deduct smart acceleration requests, QUIC requests, and other request fees.
    5. The priority of EdgeOne usage deduction is: In-package quota usage > Extra package usage > Closer expiration time of extra package > Smaller specs of extra package > Post-payment.

    Billing Description

    Payment method: Prepaid. Purchase first and then deduct.
    Validity period: Valid within 1 year. For example, if purchased on July 9, 2023, 21:30:00, the valid time is from July 9, 2023, 21:30:00 to July 9, 2024, 21:29:59.
    Deduction type: According to the deduction type, extra packages can be divided into two types:
    Security acceleration traffic package: Used to deduct L7 (Application layer) traffic generated by EdgeOne.
    Security acceleration request package: Used to deduct HTTP/HTTPS requests generated by EdgeOne.
    1. Expiration description: After the extra package expires, it does not support extension, and the unconsumed traffic or requests will be automatically cleared and cannot be restored, and cannot be used continuously.
    2. Notification reminder: A reminder will be sent when the extra package expires or is exhausted.
    3. Excess post-payment: The service will not be automatically stopped after the extra package is exhausted or expired, and the usage beyond the extra package will be settled according to the corresponding post-payment price of the service.
    4. Refund description: Unexpired and unused extra packages support refunds, and other situations do not support refunds. For details, please refer to the Refund Description.

    Security Acceleration Traffic Package

    The security acceleration traffic package is used to deduct L7 (Application layer) traffic generated by EdgeOne. The traffic package does not distinguish between countries and regions, and is deducted globally at different proportions:
    Assuming that the customer actually consumes 1 GB in each billing region, different regions will deduct the in-package traffic separately according to the following proportions:
    Chinese mainland CN
    North America NA
    Europe EU
    Asia-Pacific 1 AP1
    Asia-Pacific 2 AP2
    Asia-Pacific 3 AP3
    Middle East ME
    Africa AA
    South America SA
    1 GB
    1.71 GB
    1.71 GB
    2.49 GB
    2.68 GB
    2.78 GB
    2.91 GB
    2.91 GB
    2.91 GB
    The billing region is divided according to the actual service user's client access to the EdgeOne node in the region, and the mapping relationship between the billing region and the country is detailed in the Billing Region.
    Example description:

    Security Acceleration Traffic Package Price

    The rate card price for a single purchase of a security traffic package is as follows:
    50 GB
    100 GB
    500 GB
    1 TB
    5 TB
    10 TB
    12 months
    $ 2.20
    $ 4.40
    $ 22.00
    $ 44.00
    $ 211.00
    $ 422.00
    50 TB
    200 TB
    1 PB
    5 PB
    10 PB
    50 PB
    12 months
    $ 1,995.00
    $ 7,040.00
    $ 30,600.00
    $ 153,000.00
    $ 306,000.00
    $ 1,530,000.00

    Security acceleration request package

    Security acceleration request package is used to deduct the HTTP/HTTPS requests generated by EdgeOne Service. The request package does not distinguish between countries and regions, and is deducted globally at a 1:1 ratio.

    Security acceleration request package price

    The list price for a single purchase of a security request package is as follows:
    10 million times
    100 million times
    1 billion times
    10 billion times
    100 billion times
    12 months
    $ 5.70
    $ 51.00
    $ 457.00
    $ 4,000.00
    $ 28,571.00

    Extra package deduction description

    Effective time

    Deduction effective time: The effective time of the EdgeOne extra package is the integer moment 5 minutes before the purchase, and the expiration time is the effective time plus the validity of the extra package, which can only deduct the usage generated after the extra package takes effect.

    Deduction order

    Deduction range: The purchased extra package can deduct the usage of all sites under the personal plan, basic plan, and standard plan of the current account using the EdgeOne Service.
    1. Billing usage will be deducted first from the quota usage in the package, and the extra package usage will be deducted only after the package quota usage is exhausted.
    2. The deduction order of EdgeOne usage is package quota usage > extra package usage > extra package with closer expiration time > extra package with smaller specs > postpaid.
    3. Extra packages are deducted in order of expiration time from near to far. When the expiration time is the same, they are deducted according to the size of the specs, from small to large. When the expiration time and specs are the same, no further distinction is made.
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