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Modifying HTTP Request Header

Last updated: 2022-08-01 15:50:27


    You can customize, add, and delete headers in HTTP origin-pull requests from nodes to the origin server.


    EdgeOne supports carrying X-Forwarded-For (real client IP) and X-Forwarded-Proto (real client request protocol) by default, so you don't need to configure them.


    1. Log in to the EdgeOne console and click Rule engine on the left sidebar.
    2. On the rule engine page, select the target site and click to modify HTTP request header rules as needed.

      Currently, you can configure and modify HTTP request headers only if the match condition is All (any request) or Host.

    Parameter description:

    Type Description
    Change It changes the specified header parameter to the set value.
    • If the specified header doesn't exist, it will be added.
    • If the header already exists, the original header will be overwritten for uniqueness.
    Add It adds the specified header.
    Note: If the header already exists, the original header will be overwritten for uniqueness.
    Delete It deletes the specified header.


    • A header parameter must be in the following format:
      • Parameter name: It can contain 1–100 digits, letters, and hyphens.
      • Parameter value: It can contain 1–1000 characters.
    • During one HTTP request header modification operation, you can add up to 30 headers of different types, which will be executed in sequence from top to bottom.
    • The following standard headers cannot be modified:
    Host Content-Length If-Modified-Since Etag
    Accept-Encoding Last-Modified Content-Range Content-Type
    X-Cache-Lookup X-Last-Update-Info Transfer-Encoding Content-Encoding
    Connection Range Server Date
    Location Expect Cache-Control Expires
    Referer User-Agent Cookie X-Forwarded-For
    Accept-Language Accept-Charset Accept-Ranges Set-Cookie
    Via X-Via Pragma Upgrade
    If-None-Match If-Match If-Range From-Tencent-Lego-Cluster
    From-Tencent-Lego-Cluster-Client-Info From-Tencent-Lego-Cluster-Edge-Server-Info From-Tencent-Lego-Dsa From-Tencent-Lego-Dsa-Client-Info
    From-Tencent-Lego-Dsa-Edge-Server-Info Accept Upgrade-Insecure-Requests Server-Timing
    Age Proxy-Connection Authorization Proxy-Authorization
    normal multirange chunked identity
    keep-alive close upgrade x-redirect-to-self
    From-Tencent-Lego-Overload - - -
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