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Last updated: 2023-09-14 10:46:04
After your site is connected to EdgeOne, EdgeOne edge nodes will decide whether to cache the resource files of the client request response based on the cache configuration rules. After the edge node caches the file, when other users initiate the same file request, it can be directly responded by the EdgeOne edge node, effectively avoiding the long link origin-pull situation and responding to the latest file request at a faster speed.

You can customize your site cache according to the following usage scenarios:
Rule Type
Usage Scenario
Custom EdgeOne node caching rules
There are various types of file resources under the site/domain, and it is necessary to customize the caching time of various resources in the node to ensure that users access the latest files while reducing the origin-pull request volume;
The site/domain contains dynamic resources, and it is necessary to avoid caching the content of these resources.
When requesting the same path file, different URLs carry different parameters, request headers, etc., which will point to different files;
When requesting the same path file, the parameters, request headers, etc. carried by the URL do not affect the file version and need to point to the same cache file.
ache control when origin response exception
When the origin response is abnormal, it is necessary to protect the origin from further damage while normally responding to customer requests.
Control browser caching
To further improve the web page loading speed and reduce traffic consumption, allow the browser to cache static resources files for a certain period of time.
Clear the cache
When the cached files in the node have expired or illegal resources are cached, clear the cached resources in the node.
URL Pre-Warming
When the domain access is just completed or the files are updated, it is necessary to cache the files in advance to the EdgeOne node to improve the acceleration effect and reduce the origin-pull volume during peak periods.
Cache Prefresh
For files with continuous user access, it is necessary to ensure that the files have continuous cache in the node to avoid concentrated origin-pull after the cache expires. The cache pre-refresh can be used to verify the validity of the files and refresh the cache time.

If you need to learn more about cache rules, you can refer to the following:

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