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How to Modify Query Time Range

Last updated: 2023-09-21 11:31:39
    The EdgeOne data analysis page supports users to custom filter the time range. The following mainly introduces two ways to filter the time range.
    In order to improve the query efficiency, the granularity of data in different time ranges is as follows:
    Time Range ≤ 2 hours: 1 minute.
    2 hours < Time Range ≤ 48 hours: 5 minutes.
    48 hours < Time Range ≤ 7 days: 1 hour.
    Time Range > 7 days: 1 day.

    Method 1: Set the query time range through the filter bar

    Quick Query: Quickly query the corresponding time range data by clicking on the buttons such as "Last 1 hours", "Last 6 hours", "Today", "Yesterday".
    Custom Query: You can query the data within the custom time range by selecting a specific date and time range.
    1. When you select "Last 1 hours", "Last 6 hours", "today", the page will Show the data of the last 1 hour, 6 hours, and the current day (starting from 00:00) and refresh every 5 minutes.
    2. The maximum query time range for a single time is 31 days.
    3. Due to different Plan versions, different sites may support different data query ranges. For details, please refer to the Plan selection comparison.
    4. To be compatible with data queries of different Plans, directly clicking on the data analysis in the left navigation bar only supports querying data for the last 61 days.

    Method 2: Select the query time range on the time trend chart

    If you want to View the specific time period on the curve, as shown in the figure below, you can select the specific region of the curve by clicking and sliding the mouse on the curve. The time range corresponding to this region will be backfilled to the top filter bar and affect the statistics of other data on the page.
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