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Quick access to L4 proxy service

Last updated: 2023-11-23 21:01:55
    EdgeOne, based on Tencent edge computing nodes, provides a wide range of security acceleration solutions, including domain name resolution, smart acceleration for dynamic and static content, L4 proxy, Edge functions, and more. When you only need to selectively enable some features, such as L4 proxy TCP/UDP security acceleration, EdgeOne provides domainless access, allowing you to quickly enable related services without connecting to a site domain name.
    This article will guide you through the domainless access feature to quickly connect to EdgeOne and enable L4 proxy service.

    Usage Scenarios

    A company provides a remote work application that supports voice chat, video conference, real-time comments, and other online services. Ensuring real-time message delivery and smooth transmission is a necessary capability for such interactive scenarios. The application also supports email and file transfer functions, which require high reliability and integrity of data transmission. Therefore, the company wants to enable EdgeOne L4 proxy TCP/UDP security acceleration to reduce service access delay and ensure connection stability and reliability. However, there is no need to enable domain name resolution and L7 security acceleration for the business domain. To facilitate the company's use of L4 proxy service, EdgeOne provides domainless access, allowing quick enablement of L4 proxy TCP/UDP security acceleration without using a domain name.


    To quickly enable L4 proxy service, you can refer to the following steps to quickly access EdgeOne using domainless access without preparing a site domain name.
    Before connecting, you need to register a Tencent Cloud account.

    Step 1: Create a domainless access site

    1. Log in to the EdgeOne console.
    2. When you log in to the console for the first time, you need to add an available site. Click Add Site.
    3. On the Enter Site page, click No domainless Access to switch to domainless access mode.
    4. EdgeOne will generate a default site for you to manage domainless access services; click Next.

    Step 2: Choose a Plan

    In this step, you need to choose a plan that suits your needs so that the platform can allocate the corresponding service resources for you. The Standard plan does not support TCP/UDP application protection and acceleration. If you need to use TCP/UDP application protection and acceleration through domainless access, please choose the Enterprise plan. You can choose between purchasing a new plan and binding to an existing plan:
    Purchase a new plan
    Bind to an existing plan
    1. When you enter the Choose Plan page, the default is the Purchase New Plan page. Currently, Select a Suitable Plan. You can view the Comparison of EdgeOne Plans to see the differences between the different plan versions.
    2. After confirming the plan, check and agree to the EdgeOne Service Level Agreement below, and click OK.
    3. The created domainless access service will be added to the site list, where you can manage all created sites and domainless access services.
    1. If you have already purchased a plan, you can click Bind to Existing Plan at the top to switch to the Bind Plan page and select a purchased plan to bind.
    2. After selecting a plan, check and agree to the EdgeOne Service Level Agreement below, and click OK.
    3. The created domainless access service will be added to the site list, where you can manage all created sites and domainless access services.

    Step 3: Enable L4 Proxy

    After creating a domainless access site, you can use the acceleration and security protection features provided by EdgeOne for domainless access scenarios. You can enable related features such as TCP/UDP protocol acceleration and security protection on the L4 Proxy page. For details, please refer to Create a new L4 proxy instance.

    Additional Information

    Set site domain name to enable more security acceleration features

    If your domainless site needs to bind a site domain name to use more security acceleration features, you can click Set Site Domain Name on the Domain Management page and access EdgeOne using NS/CNAME mode. In NS/CNAME access mode, you need to create a site using a domain name. Suppose your domain name is example.com. You need to create an example.com site and access EdgeOne using NS or CNAME to use more services. For details, please refer to Quickly Access EdgeOne from Scratch, select the acceleration region and access mode, and complete site access.
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