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Overdue Policy

Last updated: 2022-07-27 10:42:44

    ## Account Overdue Alerts
    When your Tencent Cloud account becomes overdue, you will be notified through the Message Center, emails and SMS. A grace period is given, during which you can still use the service. If you fail to make the payment within the grace period, the EdgeOne service will be suspended. Once the payment is made, the domain name will be automatically restored to the status before service suspension. It may take some time for the restoring.


    • The grace period is 24 hours.
    • If the overdue payment is not made within the grace period, your domain names connected to EdgeOne will be deactivated and cannot be accessed. You can only query domain names in the EdgeOne console. Seven days after the grace period, your EdgeOne data will be cleared.


    How is the security acceleration traffic billed?

    1. If Smart acceleration is not enabled, only the EdgeOne-to-client traffic incur charges.
    2. If Smart acceleration is enabled, all traffic transferred between the clients and EdgeOne nodes are billed.

      • If Security protection is enabled, attack traffic blocked will not be billed.
      • SSL handshake traffic generated by HTTPS requests will incur charges.

    How are HTTP/HTTPS security requests billed?

    If security protection is enabled, only HTTP/HTTPS requests protected are charged.

    How do I cancel a subscription?

    To cancel a subscription, you need to disable the EdgeOne service of a site, and then delete the site. Note that if you only disable EdgeOne for a site, but not delete it, the subscription will not end. When the site is deleted, you will be billed based on the actual plan duration and usage. For more billing details, see EdgeOne Billing Overview.

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