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Offline Logs

Last updated: 2022-08-01 11:42:22


    EdgeOne nodes respond to most of the user requests. To facilitate access analysis, EdgeOne packages access logs of the entire network at an hourly granularity and retains them for 30 days by default. These logs can also be downloaded.


    Currently, only node access logs of sites accelerated are provided.


    1. Log in to the EdgeOne console. Click Log Service > Offline Logs on the left sidebar.

    2. On the offline logs page, select the logs of a site or a subdomain name. You can also filter offline logs by time.


      • The access logs are packed every hour by default. If the selected domain name is not requested during one hour, no log pack will be generated for this hour.
      • Each log pack is compressed to a GZ file.
      • Offline logs are stored and queried in UTC+00:00 by default.
      • Offline logs are collected from each EdgeOne node, so the delay may vary. Generally, querying and downloading of log packs can be delayed by about 30 minutes. Log packs will be added continuously and will stabilize after 2-3 hours.

    Field Description

    Logs are stored in JSON format by default. The log fields are described as follows:
    When a field is not specified:

    • For a string field, the field value is set to - if the field has no data.
    • For an integer field, the field value is set to -1 if the field has no data.

    Site acceleration logs

    Field Data Type Description
    RequestID String Unique ID of the client request
    ClientIP String Client IP
    RequestTime int Client request time, which is displayed in UTC+00:00 in the RFC 3339 standard format
    RequestHost string Client request host
    RequestBytes int Client request size, which includes the size of the file itself and request headers
    RequestMethod string HTTP client request method
    RequestUrl string Client request URL
    RequestUrlQueryString string A query string that is carried in the client request URL
    RequestUA string Client request User-Agent
    RequestRange string Client request Range
    RequestReferer string Client request Referer
    RequestProtocol string Client request HTTP protocol: HTTP, HTTPS, and HTTP/3
    RemotePort int Port connecting the client and nodes under the TCP protocol. This field will be "-" if the port does not exist.
    EdgeCacheStatus string Whether the client request hits the node cache: HIT, MISS, and Dynamic
    EdgeResponseStatusCode int Response status code returned to the client by the nodes
    EdgeResponseBytes int Response size returned to the client by the nodes


    • The traffic/bandwidth data calculated based on the number of bytes recorded in the fifth field of an access log may be different from the billable EdgeOne traffic/bandwidth data for the following reasons:
      • Only application-layer data can be recorded in access logs. During actual data transfer, the traffic generated over the network is around 5-15% more than the application-layer traffic, including the following two parts:
        • Consumption by TCP/IP headers: in TCP/IP-based HTTP requests, each packet has a maximum size of 1,500 bytes and includes TCP and IP headers of 40 bytes, which generate traffic during transfer but cannot be counted by the application layer. The overhead of this part is around 3%.
        • TCP retransmission: during normal data transfer over the network, around 3% to 10% of packets are lost on the Internet and retransmitted by the server. This type of traffic, which accounts for 3-7% of the total traffic, cannot be counted at the application layer.
    • After smart acceleration is enabled, Tencent Cloud EdgeOne will bill traffic/bandwidth generated by client requests on EdgeOne nodes.
    • Due to defects of the MacOS directory system, an error will be reported when you double-click some data packs you want to decompress on MacOS. In this case, you can use the following Terminal commands:
      gunzip {your_file_name}.log.gz 
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