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Maximum Upload Size

Last updated: 2022-08-01 15:02:38


    The maximum upload size is the maximum data volume that can be uploaded in a single client request. You can restrict it to improve the data transfer efficiency and optimize the network transfer.


    1. Log in to the EdgeOne console and click Site acceleration > Network optimization on the left sidebar.
    2. On the network optimization page, select the target site and click Settings in the maximum upload size module.
    3. In the pop-up window, enable Size limit, enter an upper limit value, and click Save.

    Parameter description:

    • Size limit: It is enabled by default. If it is disabled, you can upload data in any size (the platform uses streaming transfer).
    • Upper limit: After the size limit is enabled, you can set an upper limit between 1 and 500 MB.


    The configuration here takes effect before the origin server configuration.

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