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Last updated: 2023-08-16 16:08:04

    Function Overview

    After adding your site to EdgeOne Service, EdgeOne provides you with a wealth of pre-built reports to help you monitor and analyze the operation of your business, including traffic analysis, cache analysis, L4 proxy, security analysis, etc. However, in data analysis, you may have more personalized data analysis demands, such as the following data analysis scenarios:
    Scenario Demands
    Deep Data Analysis
    Need to specify one or more conditions to find logs that meet the conditions. For example:
    By specifying the client IP, query the access statistics (access URL, number of accesses, etc.) within a specified time range.
    Refine the analysis of status code distribution by filtering status codes, time, and URLs.
    By filtering logs with the action set to "observe", summarize the request header content and other request features carried, and adjust the security policy.
    Monitoring Service Metrics
    Analyze the quality of EdgeOne Service and the access efficiency of users to detect exceptions in a timely manner. Access efficiency includes overall response time, download speed, origin-pull response time, etc.
    Identifying Unauthorized Access
    Identify client IPs with behaviors such as unauthorized access by analyzing traffic anomalies, access patterns, and access frequency.
    Unified Monitoring of Data from Multiple Cloud Vendors
    Build your own data dashboard to monitor application data from multiple cloud vendors.
    Storing Logs
    User-related access logs need to be retained for 30 days or longer.
    For the above scenario demands, EdgeOne real-time logging provides the ability to collect and ship logs in real-time, allowing you to ship your logs to Tencent Cloud Log Service (CLS) or your self-built data center, helping you to implement flexible log data retrieval and analysis on your own. Currently, EdgeOne supports shipping site logs, L4 proxy logs, and security service logs to the following destinations:
    Tencent Cloud Log Service (CLS): Ship logs to the one-stop log processing service (CLS) provided by Tencent Cloud for further log analysis on CLS.
    Object Storage: Storage buckets compatible with AWS Signature V4 authentication method.
    HTTP Service (POST): Ship logs to the specified backend server via HTTP POST requests.
    1. In general, the log delivery delay is within 2-5 minutes. To ensure the real-time performance of log delivery, EdgeOne ships logs in fixed log quantities or fixed time periods as a batch to the corresponding destinations.
    2. When shipping real-time logs to CLS service, traffic, storage, and other fees may be generated in CLS, and the related fees are charged by CLS product. For details, please view the Log Service Billing Overview.

    Billing and Quota Description

    Billing Description: Real-time log shipping is a value-added service, and the billing method is based on the number of logs shipped. For details, please view the VAU Fee(Pay-as-You-Go).
    Quota Description: The number of real-time log shipping tasks varies depending on the plan, and the specific quota can be viewed in the Comparison of EdgeOne Plans.
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