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DDoS Protection Overview

Last updated: 2023-08-17 14:22:49

    What is a DDoS attack

    A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack refers to an attacker remotely controlling a large number of zombie hosts through the network to send a large amount of attack requests to one or more targets, blocking the target server's network bandwidth or exhausting the target server's system resources, making it unable to respond to normal service requests.

    The harm of DDoS attacks

    If a DDoS attack causes business interruption or damage, it will bring huge commercial losses.
    Significant economic loss: After suffering a DDoS attack, the origin server may not be able to provide services, causing users to be unable to access your business, resulting in huge economic losses and brand losses.
    Data leakage: Hackers may take the opportunity to steal your core business data while launching a DDoS attack on your server.
    Malicious competition: Some industries have vicious competition, and competitors may use DDoS attacks to maliciously attack your services, thereby gaining an advantage in industry competition.

    DDoS protection usage scenarios

    Games: The game industry is a heavy-hit area for DDoS attacks. DDoS protection can effectively ensure the availability and continuity of games, guarantee a smooth experience for game players, and escort and protect activities, new game releases, or holiday game revenue peak periods to ensure the normal operation of the game business.
    Internet: Ensure the smooth access of Internet web pages, uninterrupted normal business, and provide security escort for major events such as e-commerce promotions.
    Finance: Meet the compliance requirements of the financial industry and ensure the real-time and security stability of online transactions.
    Government: Meet the security needs of national government cloud construction standards, provide security guarantees for major conferences, events, and sensitive periods, ensure the normal availability of people's livelihood services, and maintain government credibility.
    Enterprise: Ensure the continuous availability of enterprise site services, avoid economic and corporate brand image loss problems caused by DDoS attacks, and save security costs with zero hardware and zero maintenance.

    EdgeOne default DDoS protection introduction

    DDoS protection is a protection service against L3/L4 traffic-based DDoS attacks provided by Tencent Cloud EdgeOne. EdgeOne can provide basic DDoS protection capabilities to meet daily security operational needs. Platform-level basic DDoS protection is enabled by default, monitoring network traffic in real-time, and immediately cleaning up traffic-based DDoS attacks when detected, enabling EdgeOne to provide second-level protection. DDoS protection by default provides basic security policies, which are based on attack profiles, behavior pattern analysis, AI intelligent recognition, and other protection algorithms, effectively dealing with common DDoS attack behaviors.
    Protection classification
    Malformed message filtering
    Filter frag flood, smurf, stream flood, land flood attacks, filter IP malformed packets, TCP malformed packets, UDP malformed packets.
    Network layer DDoS attack protection
    Filter UDP Flood, SYN Flood, TCP Flood, ICMP Flood, ACK Flood, FIN Flood, RST Flood, DNS/NTP/SSDP reflection attacks, empty connections.
    DNS DDoS attack
    DNS DDoS attacks mainly include DNS Request Flood, DNS Response Flood, fake source + real source DNS Query Flood, Authoritative server attack, and Local server attack.
    Connection-based DDoS attack
    Connection-based DDoS attacks mainly refer to TCP slow connection attacks, Connection flood attacks, Loic, Hoic, Slowloris, Pyloris, Xoic, and other slow attacks.

    EdgeOne Exclusive DDoS protection introduction

    Applicable Scenarios

    Exclusive DDoS protection is an enhanced DDoS protection paid feature launched by EdgeOne, providing exclusive access to the cleaning center. When the platform's default protection cannot meet the smooth operation of your business, you can use Exclusive DDoS protection to help protect your business's normal operation. After Exclusive DDoS protection is enabled, it will provide your business with an exclusive high-defense IP for traffic cleaning, and provide the promised protection bandwidth value according to the guaranteed protection capacity and elastic protection capacity you purchased.
    Exclusive DDoS protection can only be subscribed to by EdgeOne Enterprise plan.

    Capability introduction

    1. The default access node uses the cleaning center, providing greater DDoS protection capabilities, up to T-level.
    2. Promised protection capacity, flexible selection of Global (MLC excluded), Chinese mainland, and Global protection specs according to business deployment.
    3. In addition to the automatic cleaning and recognition mechanism, EdgeOne DDoS protection can provide diversified and flexible custom DDoS protection strategies according to your business protection needs. You can flexibly set them according to the special characteristics of your business to deal with constantly changing attack methods. For L4 proxy instances, the following custom rule configuration capabilities are supported:
    When a request matches multiple rules at the same time, it is processed in the following rule order.
    Protection module
    Limit access to EdgeOne sites by matching IP blocklist/allowlist in DDoS attacks.
    Limit access to EdgeOne sites within a specified port range by customizing port rules in DDoS attacks.
    Allow users to access EdgeOne sites only through specified protocols.
    Support protection against connection-based attacks and automatically block clients with abnormal connection behavior.
    Support custom blocking policies for IP, TCP, and UDP message headers or payloads in DDoS attacks.
    Limit access to EdgeOne sites by matching regions in DDoS attacks.
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