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Last updated: 2023-09-21 10:45:35
    Bot management is a service that maintains the quality of your website traffic. Among your website visitors, there may be a portion of visits that are not initiated by real users, but by automated programs, which we usually call bots. Although some bots (e.g., search engine crawlers) are beneficial to the website, they may also cause the following issues:
    1. Abnormal website traffic or performance degradation: A large amount of bot traffic may consume a lot of server resources, affecting the access experience of real users. In this case, bot management helps to identify and control these bots, optimizing website performance and improving user experience.
    2. Abnormal data statistics, such as traffic and click-through rates: This may be caused by bots simulating user behavior. Bot management can more accurately distinguish between real user and bot behavior, allowing you to obtain more realistic data.
    3. Website content or user information leakage or abuse: Bots may try to crawl and copy website content or obtain user personal information. Bot management can effectively block unauthorized access, protecting the security of website content and user information.
    If you encounter the above issues while operating a website, then bot management is the tool you need.

    Feature Overview

    Bot management mainly includes the following features,Bot management will process requests in the following order.
    Bot management functions are only supported when the domain name of the site has bot management capabilities enabled. After enabling, the billing standard for bot management can be found in VAU Fee (pay-as-you-go).
    Release specific requests so that they do not apply to the bot management module. For example, traffic from specified IPs of partners or test traffic carrying specific User-Agent.
    Customizable and flexible bot management rules, supporting multiple identification mechanisms and providing flexible disposal options. For example, delay the response of half of the automated shopping cart crawlers and silently dispose of the other half.
    Identify bot tools and control them by combining the User-Agent header and client IP within the request with the corresponding features of search engines and tools.
    For example, allow search engine bots to access website resources.
    Identify malicious bots and provide control by combining the client IP with the threat intelligence database.
    For example, intercept bot behavior that uses flash dial IP and other proxy device pools for malicious access.
    Quickly deploy bot identification mechanisms, integrate multiple bot feature identification mechanisms, quickly deploy, identify and analyze website traffic patterns. It provides a clear view of user and bot visitors by automatically analyzing and classifying traffic and allows for appropriate disposal decisions for different types of traffic.
    Identify human browser clients (not applicable to native mobile apps) by verifying the client's runtime environment and access behavior through Cookie and JavaScript.
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