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Last updated: 2024-04-08 17:58:05

    1. Basics

    What browsers does the TRTC Web SDK support?

    How do I test my audio/video devices before making a call?

    How do I test my current network quality?

    I can use the TRTC web SDK in a local development environment but not after it is deployed online. What should I do?

    To ensure data security and protect users’ privacy, browsers allow access to the mic and camera only in secure environments, for example, when https, localhost, or file:// is used for access. Because HTTP is not secure, browsers block access to media devices when HTTP is used.
    If you can use the SDK in a local development environment but cannot capture data from the camera or mic after deploying it to the web, check whether your webpage is deployed using HTTP. If so, use HTTPS instead and make sure you have a valid HTTPS certificate.
    For more information, see Domain Name and Protocol Support.

    Does the web SDK support the dual-stream mode, watermarking?

    You can refer to Enable Dual-Channel Mode, and Enable Watermarking to enable the advanced features.

    What are the known issues of WebRTC?

    What is the main/sub video stream?

    1. TRTC has a main video stream (main stream) and an sub video stream (sub stream).
    2. The camera is published through the main stream, and the screen sharing is published through the sub stream.
    3. The main video stream includes: big stream and small stream. By default, TRTC.startRemoteVideo plays the big stream, and the small stream can be played through the small parameter. Refer to: Optimize Multi-Person Video Calls.

    2. Capturing and Publishing

    Why can I turn on the camera or microphone?

    Refer to DEVICE_ERROR.

    Why am I unable to publish or play streams on some mobile browsers?

    If your browser is not listed in the above document, you can open the TRTC compatibility check page with the browser to test whether it fully supports WebRTC.

    Can I change the video profile(resolution, frameRate, bitrate)?

    Can I modify the style of screen sharing pop-up window in the TRTC Web SDK?

    No. The style of screen sharing is controlled by browsers and cannot be modified.

    How do I capture system audio during screen sharing in the TRTC Web SDK?

    Refer to Screen Sharing.

    How do I switch the camera/mic?

    Refer to Media Device.

    How to detect camera added and removed?

    Refer to Media Device.

    What should I do if the error "Permission denied" occurs when I use the TRTC web SDK in iframes?

    To use WebRTC in iframes, you need to add the following attribute to the iframe tag to obtain the permissions needed. Mic, camera, and screen sharing permissions:
    <iframe allow="microphone; camera; display-capture;">

    3. Playing

    Why is there video but no audio during a call?

    It may be because of the browser’s autoplay policy, which causes the “PLAY_NOT_ALLOWED” error. To solve the problem, please see Handle Autoplay Restriction.

    4. Others

    How to get current volume of microphone?

    Refer to Audio Volume.

    What triggers the trtc.on(TRTC.EVENT.KICKED_OUT) event?

    The event is triggered when a user is removed from a room, for example, when the same user ID is used to log in from different devices or when the RESTful API RemoveUser is called to remove a user. For more information, see KICKED_OUT
    Repeated login is not allowed by the SDK (it may cause call exceptions) and should be avoided at the business layer.

    Causion for Using Vue 3

    When the Vue3 framework is used, it is necessary to use the markRaw interface to mark the trtc instance to avoid the conversion of trtc into the Proxy object by Vue, which may cause some unexpected problems.
    import { markRaw } from 'vue';
    const trtc = markRaw(TRTC.create());

    Why mobile phone get hot when make a multi-person video call

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