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AI Noise Reduction (TUIRoomKit)

Last updated: 2024-05-24 16:35:36
    AI Noise Cancellation, derived from Tencent's Tianlai Labs AI algorithms, intelligently detects and eliminates noise interference mixed in the transmission signal. Thus, it significantly improves the quality of voice, enhances sound clarity, and improves user listening experience. The application of AI Noise Reduction features in TUIRoomKit allows users to obtain a clear and stable sound experience in various environments such as offices, internet cafes, malls, and outdoors.

    Trying It Online

    You can also enter our TRTC Experience Pavilion to try the excellent sound effects brought by AI Noise Reduction online.


    Activate AI Noise Cancellation

    TUIRoomKit now comes with AI noise cancellation functionality enabled by default. Users can enjoy high-quality noise suppression within their applications without the need for additional configurations or actions.
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