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Last updated: 2024-06-19 15:05:44
    This article will introduce how to quickly implement the Audio and Video Call demo. You will complete the following key steps within 10 minutes and ultimately obtain a video call feature with a comprehensive UI Interface.


    Node.js, if you do not have the Node.js environment, please click to Download.
    Modern browser, supporting WebRTC API.

    Step 1. Download Demo

    1. Open the terminal and input the command to clone the repository
    2. Install Dependencies
    cd ./TUICallKit/Web/basic-react
    cd ./TUICallKit/Web/basic-vue3
    npm install

    Step 2. Configure Demo

    1. Click to activate Tencent-RTC Application, obtainSDKAppID、SDKSecretKey.
    2. Fill in SDKAPPID、SDKSecretKey.
    File Path:TUICallKit/Web/basic-react/public/debug/GenerateTestUserSig-es.js
    File Path:TUICallKit/Web/basic-vue3/public/debug/GenerateTestUserSig-es.js

    Step 3. Run Demo

    1. Run the Demo by entering commands in the terminal.
    For local environments, please access under the localhost protocol. For details, see Description of Network Access Protocol.
    # TUICallKit/Web/basic-react
    npm run dev
    # TUICallKit/Web/basic-vue3
    npm run serve
    2. Open two browser pages, enter the same URL, and then log in with two different userID. (This is the react demo effect)
    3. After both userID have successfully logged in, input the other page's userID and click Add to call list button.

    Step 4. Make a first call

    Click on the Call button to experience your first call.
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