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Activate the Service (TUIRoomKit)

Last updated: 2024-05-13 10:43:55

    Free trial

    You can follow the steps below to activate the TRTC Conference product service and receive a free 14-day trial version.
    1. Log in to the TRTC Console, click Create Application.
    2. In the Create Pop-up Window, select Conference and enter the application name, select the Data Storage Region, and click Create.
    The default Data Storage for real-time audio and video service data is in Singapore, and the storage for instant messaging service data is in your selected data center.
    3. After completing the application creation, you will automatically enter the application details page, at which point you have quickly created an application and successfully received a free multi-person audio and video (TUIRoomKit) trial version. You can follow the three steps in the pop-up window on the right to quickly get the sample Demo running. The specific steps are as follows:
    3.1 Select the product you need to quickly get running, Conference, and then click Next.
    3.2 Integration Guide: Select the corresponding platform according to the application, modify the configuration following the steps. After completing the changes, click Next.
    3.3 At this point, you have successfully configured it. You can follow the prompt steps to start compiling and running your own sample Demo. Click Done to complete the configuration. For further testing, click on Integration Guide to go to the Conference configuration details page.
    4. After activation, you can peek at the information on the current page and refer to the Integration Guide for integration. The SDKAppID and SDKSecretKey here will be used in subsequent steps.

    Purchase the official editions

    The utilization of TUIRoomKit necessitates the purchase of a Conference monthly subscription package, the pricing and feature comparison of which can be found in the Conference Monthly Package Billing Explanation.
    1. Visit the TRTC Conference Purchase page, select the Application (SDKAppID) and Conference Package you want to purchase. At the same time, we recommend you to enable Auto-renewal to avoid affecting business use. After Confirming purchase information and agreeing to the relevant agreement, check the agreement content and click Subscribe now.
    2. Go to the order confirmation page to confirm product information.
    3. Go to the payment page to complete the payment. After the purchase is completed, you can go to the TRTC Console to view application edition information, and refer to the Integration guide for integration.

    Renew the official edition

    Refer to the Purchasing the official edition and purchase the same edition of the Conference monthly package again to complete the renewal. It is recommended that you renew Conference by enabling auto-renewal. When the account balance is sufficient, it will automatically renew monthly after expiration.
    The specific steps to enable auto-renewal in the console are as follows:
    1. Access the TRTC Console > Applications, find the application and click manage to enter the application details page.
    2. In the Conference product information, click the Enable auto-renewable button, a confirmation pop-up will appear, click Enable.
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