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Activating the Service (TUILiveKit)

Last updated: 2024-05-17 11:20:40

    Activate Trial Service

    To give you a better experience with Interactive Live Streaming features, we provide a 14-day trial version for each SDKAppID for free (the trial version does not include additional call duration). Each SDKAppID can be tried for free twice, with each trial period lasting 14 days. Additionally, the total number of trials for all SDKAppIDs under one account is 10 times.
    1. Log in to the Tencent RTC console, and click Create Application.
    2. In the creation popup, enter Application Name, select Live, and choose the appropriate Region, then click Create to complete the creation of the trial version.
    3. After creation, you can view detailed information about your app on the current page, such as SDKAppID,SDKSecretKey, and more. You can go to the Tencent RTC console to check application version information and refer to Quick Integration (TUILiveKit) for integration.

    Purchasing the official version

    Before officially going live, you need to purchase the official version of the Live Monthly Subscription Package. For price comparison and feature details of the Live Monthly Subscription Package, please refer to Tecnent RTC Live Monthly Packages. The package purchase process is as follows:
    1. Visit the Live Purchase Page, select the application (SDKAppID) and version you wish to purchase, and it is recommended to enable auto-renewal to avoid affecting your business usage. After confirming the purchase information, check the agreement and click Subscribe now.
    2. Go to the Order Confirmation Page to confirm product information and complete the payment.
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