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Last updated: 2024-06-19 16:22:32
    This document mainly introduces how to quickly run through the TUIRoomKit sample project and experience a high-quality multi-person video conference. By following this document, you can run through the demo within 10 minutes and ultimately experience a multi-person video conference feature with a complete UI interface.


    Node.js version: Node.js ≥ 16.19.1 (we recommend using the official LTS version, please match the npm version with the node version).
    Modern browser, supporting WebRTC APIs.

    Download Demo

    1. Open Terminal Copy and enter the sample command to clone the repository.
    2. Installation of dependencies
    cd ./TUIRoomKit/Web/example/vue3
    cd ./TUIRoomKit/Web/example/vue2
    npm install

    Configure Demo

    1. Activate the TUIRoomKit service,get the SDKAppID and SDKSecretKey.
    2. Open the TUIRoomKit/Web/example/vue3/src/config/basic-info-config.js file and enter the SDKAppID and SDKSecretKey you got when you activated the service:
    For Vue2 projects, open the TUIRoomKit/Web/example/vue2/src/config/basic-info-config.js file and enter the SDKAppID and SDKSecretKey you got when you activated the service.

    Run Demo

    1. Run Demo by typing the command in the terminal.
    # cd TUIRoomKit/Web/example/vue3
    npm run dev
    # cd TUIRoomKit/Web/example/vue2
    npm run serve
    For local environment, please access under localhost protocol, please refer to the description of network access protocol.
    2. Open a browser page and enter the corresponding URL.

    Create your first conference

    Click on the New Room button to create your first meeting room. The room types are On-stage Speaking Room and Free Speech Room.
    1. Free speech room
    2. On-stage Speaking Room

    Join conference

    Participants can join a meeting created by the meeting host by filling in the corresponding RoomId.
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