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Package Management

Last updated: 2023-12-29 15:17:21
    TRTC supports viewing the usage of Package under your account through the Console. You can click on the Left Sidebar Package Management and view the Package information in the List.

    Package list

    Package types are divided into Free Trail and monthly package, the former can deduct audio and video, recording, mixtranscoding time, the latter can deduct audio and video time, the specific deduction ratio details can be seen free time description.
    Package Name
    The purchased package name is supported as follows:
    RTC Engine - Standard
    RTC Engine - Pro
    TRTC Free Trail
    1-to-1 Call
    Group Call
    Package ID
    The system automatically generates a unique package ID after a successful purchase
    Package Type
    There are two types of free time package and monthly package, among which:
    Standard/Professional packages are customer purchased products, including the Call/RTC Engine
    The Free Trail is a platform giveaway product, distributed for 12 months at a time, 10,000 minutes per month
    Package Duration(min)
    Some minutes are included in the Package
    Remainging time of this cycle(minutes)/(%)
    With the number of minutes remaining and the proportion of usage, you can see the usage of the package more intuitively
    Start time of this cycle
    The time the package was successfully purchased
    End time of this cycle
    Package expiration time
    Status of this cycle
    Refunded, Expired, Run out, Not in Use, In Use

    Purchase package

    If the actual service needs to renew the package, you can go to the TRTC application list, click Management to go to the application details page, and click Buy Official Package at the bottom of the page to purchase.
    Before purchasing a package, make sure you understand the billing information. For details, see Billing Overview.
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