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Billing Explanation for Subscription Package Duration

Last updated: 2024-03-28 18:15:17
    Package duration refers to the free package included in your monthly package purchase, which is used to deduct the usage time. If the usage time in the package is exhausted and the package has not yet reached its expiration, the exceeded time will be settled and billed according to the pay-as-you-go pricing of Tencent Real-Time Communication.

    Billing Overview

    Payment method: Prepaid. Adopt the Purchase First, then the Deduction method.
    Validity: Subject to the description from the documentation at the time of purchase.
    Start time: It takes about five minutes to take effect after the new purchase is paid successfully. After taking effect, it will deduct the usage time that has not been deducted by other packages since 00:00:00 on the day of purchase. The package of time gifted on the day of purchasing the monthly package does not support the deduction of the usage generated the day before.
    Deduction range: The gifted package of time of the monthly package in paid subscription is limited to the deduction of audio and video usage time generated by the application (SDKAppID) of the subscribed monthly package, with a validity of one month (from 00:00:00 on the day of purchase to 23:59:59 on the day before the next month).
    Deduction type: Currently, only video and audio usage time deduction is supported, which can be used for the usage time consumption generated by using the TRTC subscription service. For the rules of usage statistics, see Tencent Real-Time Communication Pay-as-You-Go Billing Overview.
    Deduction order: Priority is given to deducting the 10,000 minutes of Free Time given each month, followed by the free package gifted by the paid package. The same monthly package cannot be stackable purchase within the validity period. According to the actual generation time of each type of usage, the package of time with a smaller deduction range will be deducted first; in the case of the same deduction range, the package of time that expires first will be deducted first.
    Purchase the package of time separately, such as the $9.9 Starter Package, can deduct the audio and video usage time generated by using the TRTC pay-as-you-go service for all applications (SDKAppID) under the current account.
    Expiration Instructions: After the package of time expires, the unused minutes will be automatically cleared and cannot be restored.
    Notification Reminder: When the package of time is used up or expires, there will be a reminder of exhaustion or expiration. (Due to data statistics calibration, deduction validity, network fluctuation, etc., the notification reminder will have a certain delay. We recommand you pay attention in advance.)
    Excess Pay-as-you-go: During the period when the paid monthly package or separately purchased package of time is not used up and not expired, the usage exceeding the package of time will be settled according to the pay-as-you-go price of the corresponding service. (Including but not limited to Video/Audio Duration pay-as-you-go, On-Cloud Recording pay-as-you-go, and On-cloud MixTranscoding pay-as-you-go, etc.). When the paid monthly package or separately purchased package of time expires, the service will be suspended.
    Refund Instructions: If the paid monthly package or separately purchased package of time is not used within five days from the date of purchase, Tencent Cloud supports a no reason refund within five days, and no refund is supported in other situations. For details, see Refund Instructions.

    Deduction Ratios

    For deduction of the usage generated by Tencent Real-Time Communication service. Audio and video duration services can be subdivided into audio duration and video duration according to specific use cases, and both can be billed by audio and video duration.
    Actual Usage (Minutes)
    Free Minutes Deducted (Minutes)
    Audio duration
    Video duration
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