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Last updated: 2024-04-26 15:16:36

    Getting to Know TRTC

    TRTC is a set of low-latency and high-quality audio/video communication services provided by Tencent Cloud. It offers stable and reliable audio/video transmission capabilities at a low cost. You can use it to quickly build video call, online education, interactive live streaming, online conferencing, and other audio/video communication applications that require low latency.

    Try it out

    We offer a demo app for you to try out TRTC services. It integrates the following features:
    Video call: Call features similar to those in WeChat; supports view switch, beauty filters, and network connection monitoring.
    Group conference: Supports communication among multiple people in the same room, ideal for online conferencing and education applications.
    Showroom streaming: Supports beauty filters, song accompaniments, likes, on-screen commenting, and co-anchoring.
    Duet: Allows two anchors to sing a song together with low latency.
    Online karaoke: Allows over 10,000 audience members; supports audio interaction, song accompaniments, and lyric syncing.


    We offer two solutions for you to quickly integrate TRTC features into your application.

    Solution 1 (UI included)

    We offer source code for a set of standard UI components. You can integrate the components you need into your project and load them when necessary. Normally, you can complete the integration in about an hour using this solution.

    Solution 2 (No UI)

    You can also integrate the TRTC SDK directly into your project and use the SDK APIs to implement the features you need. This solution offers greater flexibility. However, because you have to design the UI and interactions by yourself, the integration may take a longer time.
    We offer API examples for different platforms to help you quickly learn how to use the APIs of the SDK. You can find the API examples for basic TRTC features in the Basic folder of the SDK source code package and advanced features (such as resolution setting, background music, and network speed testing) in the Advanced folder.

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