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Last updated: 2023-09-25 10:49:44
    This article will introduce how to customize the User Interface of TUIRoomKit. We provide two solutions for you to choose from: Fine-tuning Solution and Self-implemented UI Solution.

    Solution 1: Fine-tuning Solution

    By directly modifying the UI source code we provide, you can adjust the User Interface of TUIRoomKit. The source code of TUIRoomKit's interface is located in the Android/tuiroomkit folder on Github:

    Replace Icon

    You can directly replace the icons in the src/res/drawable-xxhdpi folder to ensure that the color tone and style of the icons in the entire App remain consistent. Please keep the name of the icon file unchanged when replacing.

    Replace Copywriting

    You can modify the string content of the video conference interface by modifying the strings.xml files in values-zh and values-en.

    Solution 2: Custom Partial UI Solution

    The UI code of TUIRoomKit is located in the src/main/java/com/tencent/cloud/tuikit/roomkit/view directory, and the screen view is in the TUIVideoSeat Component.
    The key files of TUIRoomKit's View are as follows. You can change the corresponding view according to your needs and adjust your UI.
    |—— PrepareActivity // Preparation page Activity
    |—— CreateRoomActivity // Create room Activity
    |—— EnterRoomActivity // Enter room Activity
    activity ——|—— RoomMainActivity // Room main page Activity
    view ——|
    component——|—— PrepareView // Preparation page View
    |—— CreateRoomView // Create room View
    |—— EnterRoomView // Enter room View
    |—— RoomMainView // Audio/video conference main page View
    |—— TopView // Top button view, including: Speaker/Receiver switch, Switch Camera, etc.
    |—— BottomView // Bottom button view, including: Camera, Mic, Member Management, etc.
    |—— UseListView // User List view
    |—— RaiseHandApplicationListView // Raise Hand to Speak mode, Raise Hand application list page
    |—— TransferMasterView // Room Owner Transfer page
    |—— MoreFunctionView // "More" function view, including Chat, Beauty, and Set up functions
    |—— MeetingActivity // Audio/video conference main activity

    Modification of BottomView's Bottom Button

    To make it easier for you to customize the bottom function buttons, our BottomView is automatically constructed by reading the list. Taking the video switch button as an example, the code is as follows.
    private BottomItemData createCameraItem() {
    BottomItemData cameraItemData = new BottomItemData();
    //Set button type to differentiate different buttons
    //Set whether the button is clickable
    if (isOwner()) {
    } else if (mRoomStore.roomInfo.enableSeatControl) {
    } else {
    //Set the default icon of the button
    //Set the background image of the button
    //Set the icon of the button when it is not clickable
    //Set the default icon of the button
    //Button click effect, if your button needs to switch images/names, etc. when clicked, you need to construct this data
    BottomSelectItemData camaraSelectItemData = new BottomSelectItemData();
    //Set the name of the button when selected
    //Set the name of the button when not selected
    //Set whether the button is selected
    //Set the icon of the button when selected
    //Set the icon of the button when not selected
    //Set the click event of the button when selected/unselected
    camaraSelectItemData.setOnItemSelectListener(new BottomSelectItemData.OnItemSelectListener() {
    public void onItemSelected(boolean isSelected) {
    return cameraItemData;

    Solution 3: Custom All UI Solution

    The overall function of TUIRoomKit is based on the TUIRoomEngine, a UI-less SDK. You can completely implement your own UI interface based on TUIRoomEngine. For details, please refer to
    the TUIRoomEngine API interface address.
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