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Last updated: 2022-11-24 10:52:37

    What should I do if I receive the error message "The package you purchased does not support this ability"?

    If the above error occurs, it indicates that you haven’t activated TRTC or your TRTC package has expired. For directions on how to activate TRTC, see Step 1. Activate services. You can get a free trial package after activation.

    How do I buy a TRTC package?

    See Billing Overview. If you have any questions, please click the icon in the bottom right corner of the page to contact us.

    How do I modify the source code of TUICallKit?

    Import the component using CocoaPods:
    1. Create a TUICallKit folder in the same directory as Podfile in your project.
    2. Go to the component’s GitHub page, clone or download the code, and copy the TUICallKit and Resources folders and the TUICallKit.podspec file in iOS to the TUICallKit folder in your project.
    3. Add the following dependency to your Podfile.
    # :path => "The relative path of `TUICallKit.podspec`"
    pod 'TUICallKit', :path => "TUICallKit/TUICallKit.podspec"
    4. Execute pod install.
    Make sure TUICallKit, Resources, and TUICallKit.podspec are in the same directory.
    After TUICallKit is imported, you will see this directory structure:
    The folders are organized hierarchically, making it easy for you to view and modify the source code.

    What should I do if TUICallKit conflicts with an audio/video library that I have integrated?

    You cannot integrate multiple audio/video libraries of Tencent Cloud at the same time. Otherwise, a duplicate symbol error may occur. You can use the following methods to troubleshoot the issue:
    1. If you have integrated TXLiteAVSDK_TRTC, a duplicate symbol error will not occur. Just add the following in Podfile:
    pod 'TUICallKit'
    2. If you have integrated TXLiteAVSDK_Professional, a duplicate symbol error will occur. You can add the following in Podfile:
    pod 'TUICallKit/Professional'
    3. If you have integrated TXLiteAVSDK_Enterprise, a duplicate symbol error will occur. We recommend you update to TXLiteAVSDK_Professional and use TUICallKit/Professional.

    What should I do if the "ld: framework not found BoringSSL clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 sdk" error occurs when I integrate TUICallKit?

    Currently, the audio/video libraries TUICallKit relies on do not support emulators. Please use a real device for demo run or debugging.

    Can I not integrate the IM SDK if I use only TRTC features?

    No, you can’t. All components of TUIKit rely on the IM SDK for underlying logic such as outgoing call signaling and busy line signaling. If you have already purchased IM’s services, you can use them according to TUICallKit logic.

    Does TUICallKit support custom ringtones?

    Yes. You can implement this by calling TUICalling#setCallingBell.

    How do I install CocoaPods?

    Enter the following command in a terminal window (you need to install Ruby on your Mac first):
    sudo gem install cocoapods

    Can TUICallKit run in the background?

    Yes. If you want TUICallKit to run in the background, select your project, under the Capabilities tab, toggle on Background Modes, and select Audio, AirPlay, and Picture in Picture.
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