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Overdue and Suspension Policy

Last updated: 2023-08-09 10:49:09
    If you are a customer of a Tencent Cloud partner, the rules regarding resources when there are overdue payments are subject to the agreement between you and the partner.


    The daily settlement of Tencent Real-Time Communication pay-as-you-go billing Item will generate a daily consumption bill on the next day after use, and the billing time is subject to the actual billing time; The monthly settlement of Pay-as-you-go billing items will generate a monthly consumption bill on the 1st day of the next month after use. You can view the detailed bill and deduction breakdown in the Billing Center > Bill Details.
    If your Package of Time deduction is exhausted, and you have enabled pay-as-you-go, when it is detected that your Tencent Cloud account balance is insufficient, causing your account to be overdue, you will receive an account overdue reminder. After the overdue, you have 24 hours of recharge time. If the recharge is done within 24 hours, Tencent Real-Time Communication will not face suspension; If 24 hours have passed and the account has not been recharged, even if the Prepaid Package still has remaining capacity, Tencent Real-Time Communication will stop the service.
    After the account is overdue, Tencent Real-Time Communication will not immediately terminate the in-progress Video service, but will keep running and billing continues.


    After the suspension due to overdue fees, the Tencent Real-Time Communication Console and API will be unavailable, and the Video Record files stored in Tencent Cloud COS or Tencent VOD will be inaccessible. The way of data storage processing will follow the policy of COS suspension or VOD suspension, please pay attention to it.
    For accounts with overdue charges not reversed in time, content violation, or other violations of the Tencent Cloud Terms of Service, Tencent Real-Time Communication has the right to auto-remove the resources after the suspension has exceeded 60 days and regularly clean the related data and records under the account.
    Due to content violation or other non-compliance with Tencent Real-Time Communication agreement, Tencent Cloud accounts that have experienced suspension will not be supported to resume use.
    Starting from Beijing Time September 4, 2023, Tencent Real-Time Communication will adjust the room dismissal policy for suspension:
    Original strategy: After triggering the suspension, all rooms will be disbanded within 48 hours.
    Adjusted strategy: After triggering the suspension, immediately disband all existing rooms and interrupt the in-progress audio and video business.
    If you have other needs for the account settlement, you can contact sales for evaluation.

    Other Suspension Occasion

    Your Tencent Cloud account receives a free trial package monthly. After the free trial package is exhausted, if you have not purchased RTC Engine or Call, Tencent Real-Time Communication will suspend service. You need to purchase the Monthly Package to resume the service.
    If you manually disable the application in the application detail interface, the application will immediately become in suspension status. You can click "enable application" to resume service.

    Resource Removal Policy

    For accounts with other suspension occasion, Tencent Real-Time Communication does not auto-remove the Tencent Real-Time Communication resources under the account.
    For accounts with overdue payments that have led to suspension for more than 60 days, Tencent Real-Time Communication will automatically remove the real-time communication resources under the account, periodically clean up the related data and records of real-time communication under the account (including configuration, service logs, terminal authorization, Package, etc.), and data recovery is not supported after cleaning.
    If you no longer use Tencent Real-Time Communication service, you need to shut down the service and clear the account data of Tencent Real-Time Communication. This can be done through contacting sales or submitting a ticket to contact us for suspension.
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