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Refund Policy for Monthly Live Streaming Packages

Last updated: 2024-04-26 15:03:35

    Five-Day Unconditional Refund

    To facilitate your use of Real-time Interactive Live Streaming, if the Live Monthly Subscription Package you have purchased has not been used, Tencent Cloud supports a five-day unconditional return and refund. For a single Tencent Cloud entity, within five days (including the fifth day) from the date of purchasing any package for your SDKAppID, a single package or feature package is supported for a one-time five-day unconditional return.
    You cannot apply for a refund in the following cases:
    If the audio and video duration provided within the purchased Live Monthly Subscription Package has been used, regardless of whether it is fully used or not, it is not eligible for a five-day unconditional refund.
    If a user's account is suspended due to content review issues (such as illegal or non-compliant behavior), no refunds will be supported for any packages under the account.

    Refund Policy

    If there is suspected abnormal or malicious return, Tencent Cloud reserves the right to reject your return request.
    For orders that meet the five-day unconditional refund scenario, the refund amount will be the total amount spent at the time of purchase, including the cash account balance, earnings transferred to account, and gift account balance.
    Rebates and vouchers will not be returned.
    A full refund will be returned to your Tencent Cloud account.

    Refund Steps

    1. Log in to Console > Work Order > Submit Ticket, and access the ticket submission page.
    2. Search in the right-side search box or directly select Real-time Audio and Video TRTC.
    3. Choose the issue type as Billing and Refund Issues, and create a work order.
    4. Go to the ticket creation page, fill in the relevant information, and click Submit Ticket to complete.
    Before returning the resource, please check if it meets the Five-Day Unconditional Refund policy; if not, the return cannot be processed.
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