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Error Codes

Last updated: 2022-03-31 16:27:24


The errors occurring during the use of the COS API service provided by SDK can be divided into client errors and errors returned by the server.

  • Errors returned by the server refer to the errors returned when the server processes some client requests that do not meet the requirements. For example, access to a file that does not exist, or no access to a file. For more information on the error codes returned by the server, see API Error Codes.
  • Client errors refer to network exception, IO exception during file read/write, parameter verification failure, etc.

This document describes the error codes defined by the client.

Error Codes

The supported SDKs are Android and iOS SDKs.

Error Code Error Message Error Description
10000 InvalidArgument Parameter verification failed. For example, the required parameter is empty.
10001 InvalidCredentials Key information verification failed. For example, the key is empty.
10002 BadRequest Incorrect SDK configuration. For example, APPID or region is not correct.
10003 SinkSourceNotFound Incorrect input source or output source. For example, the uploaded file does not exist.
10004 UnsupportOperation Unsupported operation
20000 InternalError Internal error, such as parsing the data in xml format failed.
20001 ServerError Service error, such as data in non-xml format is returned.
20002 IOError IO exception during stream read/write, such as IO exception during file read/write.
20003 NetworkError Network exception, such as network unavailability, and DNS resolution failure.
20004 DataIntegrityError Data integrity verification failed.
30000 UserCancelled The user has canceled the request.
30001 AlreadyFinished The request has been executed.
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