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Configuring Preflight Requests for Cross-Origin Access

Last updated: 2020-09-14 11:37:34


    This document provides an overview of APIs and SDK sample codes related to preflight request for cross-origin access.

    API Operation Description
    Options Object Sending a preflight request for cross-origin access Sends a preflight request to check whether a real cross-origin access request can be sent

    SDK API Reference

    For the parameters and method descriptions of all the APIs in the SDK, see Api Documentation.

    Sending a Preflight Request for Cross-origin Access

    API description

    This API is used to send a preflight request for the cross-origin access configuration.

    Sample code

      string bucket = "examplebucket-1250000000"; // Bucket in the format: BucketName-APPID
      string key = "exampleobject"; // Object key
      string origin = "http://cloud.tencent.com";
      string accessMthod = "PUT";
      OptionObjectRequest request = new OptionObjectRequest(bucket, key, origin, accessMthod);
      // Set the validity period of the signature
      request.SetSign(TimeUtils.GetCurrentTime(TimeUnit.SECONDS), 600);
      // Execute the request
      OptionObjectResult result = cosXml.OptionObject(request);
      // Request succeeded
    catch (COSXML.CosException.CosClientException clientEx)
      // Request failed
      Console.WriteLine("CosClientException: " + clientEx);
    catch (COSXML.CosException.CosServerException serverEx)
      // Request failed
      Console.WriteLine("CosServerException: " + serverEx.GetInfo());


    For the complete sample, go to GitHub.

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