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Last updated: 2024-01-06 14:09:21
    Cloud Object Storage (COS) is a powerful Tencent Cloud distributed storage service that features low costs and high scalability, reliability, and security. It enables you to store a massive number of files and view them on the cloud anytime.
    You can easily and quickly access COS via the console, APIs, SDKs, or tools to store and manage massive data. You can leverage COS's user-friendly web management interface to upload, download, and manage files in different formats. CDN nodes around the globe also boost your file download speed.

    Product Features

    COS provides both enterprises and individual users with a suite of features, including data management, remote disaster recovery, data access acceleration, and data processing for diverse use cases. For more information, see Features.


    This section describes key concepts that help you better understand COS.
    Bucket: A container for objects stored in COS. Each bucket can store an unlimited number of objects.
    Object: The basic unit of COS storage. It can be data in any format, such as image, document, audio, and video.
    Region: A physical location where data centers are hosted in Tencent Cloud. COS data is stored in the buckets in these regions.
    Endpoint: A COS endpoint used to access and download an object stored in a bucket.
    Storage class: A storage level that indicates how active objects are in COS. COS offers multiple storage classes, including MAZ_STANDARD, MAZ_STANDARD_IA, MAZ_INTELLIGENT TIERING, STANDARD, STANDARD_IA, INTELLIGENT TIERING, ARCHIVE, and DEEP ARCHIVE. Different storage classes are suitable for different use cases and have different attributes, such as object access frequency and access latency.

    Getting Started with COS

    Getting started

    COS offers various tools and video tutorials to help you better understand and use its services. For more information, see Cloud Object Storage.

    How to use

    The table below describes different options available for you to get started with COS:
    The COS console is the easiest way to work with COS without using any code or programs
    Provides a user-friendly interface to easily upload and download objects and generate access URLs
    Enables you to use simple commands to upload, download, and delete objects in batches
    COS adopts XML APIs, which are lightweight, connectionless, and stateless. By calling XML APIs, you can send requests to and accept responses from COS directly over HTTP/HTTPS.
    Supports multiple mainstream programming languages including Android, C, C++, .NET, Go, iOS, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Python, and WeChat Mini Program

    How Is COS Billed?

    COS is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis by default. For more information, see Billing Overview.
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