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Getting Pre-signed URL - signurl

Last updated: 2022-05-03 11:21:54

    The signurl command is used to get the pre-signed URL of an object, through which the object can be accessed anonymously.

    Command Syntax

    ./coscli signurl cos://<bucketAlias>/<key> [flag]

    The signurl command contains the following optional flags:

    Flag Abbreviation Flag Full Name Description
    -t --time Sets the URL expiration time, which is 1000s by default


    Getting the pre-signed URL of picture.jpg in bucket1 bucket

    ./coscli signurl cos://bucket1/picture.jpg

    Getting the pre-signed URL of picture.jpg in bucket2 bucket and setting the URL expiration time to 1314s

    ./coscli signurl cos://bucket2/picture.jpg --time 1314
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