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Video Frame Capturing

Last updated: 2022-05-23 12:27:25


    This document provides an overview of APIs and SDK code samples for media file screencapturing in CI.

    API Operation Description
    GenerateSnapshot Getting the screenshot of media file at some time point Gets the screenshot of media file at some time point

    Basic Operations

    Getting the screenshot of media file at some time point

    Feature description

    This API is used to get a screenshot of a media file at some time point.

    Method prototype

    public SnapshotResponse generateSnapshot(SnapshotRequest request);

    Parameter description

    Parameter Description Type Required
    bucketName Bucket name in the format of BucketName-APPID. For more information, see Bucket Overview. String Yes
    Input Media file location information. Container Yes
    Time Screenshot time point in seconds. Float Yes
    Output Screenshot storage location information. Container Yes
    Width Screenshot width. Default value: 0. Int No
    Height Screenshot height. Default value: 0.
    If Width and Height are both 0, the width and height of the video are used.
    If one of them is 0, the other value is used to automatically adapt to the aspect ratio of the video.
    Int No
    Format Screenshot format. Valid values: jpg, png. Default value: jpg. String No
    Mode Frame capturing method.
  • keyframe: Capture the last keyframe before the specified time point.
  • exactframe: Capture the frame at a specified time point.
    Default value: exactframe.
  • String No
    Rotate Image rotation method.
  • auto: Rotate automatically according to the video rotation information.
  • off: Do not rotate.
    Default value: auto.
  • String No

    Input has the following sub-nodes:

    Parameter Parent Node Description Type Required
    Object Request.Input Filename String Yes

    Output has the following sub-nodes:

    Parameter Parent Node Description Type Required
    Region Request.Output Bucket region String Yes
    Bucket Request.Output File bucket String Yes
    Object Request.Output Filename String Yes

    Response description

    • Success: The screenshot entity information is returned.
    • Failure: An error (such as the bucket does not exist) occurs, throwing the CosClientException or CosServiceException exception. For more information, see Troubleshooting.

    Sample request

    //1. Create a screenshot request object
    SnapshotRequest request = new SnapshotRequest();
    //2. Add request parameters as detailed in the API documentation
    //3. Call the API to get the screenshot response object
    SnapshotResponse response = client.generateSnapshot(request);
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