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    DEEP ARCHIVE is a storage class provided by COS that enables long-term archiving of massive amounts of data. Its unit storage price is comparable to that of tape storage, making it an ideal low-cost solution for long-term data storage. You can manage data easily at low costs through various interaction means provided by COS, such as API, SDK, tools, and console. This eliminates your needs to maintain complex tape library configuration locally and care about the evolution of underlying storage media.

    DEEP ARCHIVE is suitable for data that is accessed infrequently but needs to be retained for a long time. In log cold backup scenarios, enterprises need to back up and store the log data generated every day for tracking and analysis according to applicable laws and regulations. In view data and autonomous driving businesses, enterprises accumulate a high number of media files such as images and videos, which need to be archived and stored persistently after use. DEEP ARCHIVE allows enterprises to store such data in the cloud and restore it only when needed, which reduces the storage costs and simplifies Ops management.

    DEEP ARCHIVE is designed for 99.999999999% durability and 99.95% availability. You can also use the versioning and cross-region replication features provided by COS to further guarantee the data security.


    1. Upload using the console.
      a. Log in to the COS console.
      b. Click Bucket List and create a bucket in a supported region (such as Beijing).
      c. After creating the bucket, click Upload File in File List.
      d. Select a local file for upload and select DEEP ARCHIVE for Storage Class in Set Properties. For more information, see Uploading Objects.
    2. Upload using APIs.
      Set x-cos-storage-class to DEEP_ARCHIVE in the PUT Object, POST Object, or Initiate Multipart Upload API for direct upload to the DEEP ARCHIVE storage class.

      Append Object does not support direct upload to DEEP ARCHIVE.

    3. Upload using SDKs.
      Currently, all the SDKs released by COS support direct upload to DEEP ARCHIVE. You need to set the StorageClass parameter to DEEP_ARCHIVE when uploading a file.
    4. Upload using a tool.
      COSBrowser and COSCMD support direct upload to DEEP ARCHIVE. You need to add the header field x-cos-storage-class and set it to DEEP_ARCHIVE when uploading a file.

    Usage Limits

    DEEP ARCHIVE is subject to the following limits. When using it, you need to pay attention to their impact on the storage costs and performance:

    • Minimum storage unit: The minimum storage unit is 64 KB, and objects smaller than 64 KB will be counted as 64 KB during the calculation of the storage capacity.
    • Minimum storage period: The minimum storage period is 180 days, and a shorter period will be counted as 180 days for billing.

    The storage period means logical days (a day is 24 hours) and starts from the time when a file is modified.

    • Restoration QPS limit: 100 requests/sec.
    • Available regions: DEEP ARCHIVE is currently supported only in the Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Tokyo, and Singapore regions and will be available in more regions.
    • Use limit: Currently, DEEP ARCHIVE is not supported for multi-AZ buckets.
    • Operation limit: Objects cannot be appended to other objects in the DEEP ARCHIVE storage class.
    • Restoration request limit: Only one restoration request can be executed at a time for an object, and multiple repeated requests will be merged and processed according to the fastest restoration mode. If the restoration mode of the (N+1)th request is faster than that of the Nth request, the (N+1)th request will be executed as a new request; otherwise, it will fail.
    • Data retrieval: Standard retrieval (12–24 hours) and bulk retrieval (24–48 hours) are supported for files in the DEEP ARCHIVE storage class.
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