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Release Notes

Last updated: 2022-10-24 12:13:03

The release notes of GooseFS are as follows. If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us.

Version Update Date Description Download URL
1.3.0 July 25, 2022
  • New features
    1. Supported Kerberos authentication.
    2. Supported access to buckets with metadata acceleration enabled by using native POSIX semantics.
    3. Supported the LRU algorithm for the master node cache elimination policy to avoid frequent cache replacement.
    4. Supported expired metadata cleanup for the master node.
  • Optimizations
    1. Optimized the lock bottleneck problem for the GooseFS master node to greatly improve the master QPS and increase the performance by around 35%.
    2. Supported concurrent formatting to improve the performance of GooseFS worker nodes.
    3. Supported overwrite operations for the GooseFS Fuse client.
    4. Optimized the memory usage of the ls command in the GooseFS Fuse client.
    5. Optimized the performance of ListNamespace in the GooseFS HDFS client.
  • Bug fixes
    1. Fixed RocksDB leaks and Core issues to avoid memory leaks.
    2. Fixed the issue where ZooKeeper Curator mistakenly printed logs.
    3. Fixed the issue of inaccurate UFS bandwidth reading.
    4. Fixed the LostWorker issue caused by excessive log printing during DistributedLoad.
1.2.0 January 25, 2022
  • New features
    1. Supported using GooseFS to upload logs to CLS.
    2. Supported separated configuration of RocksDB by using Inode and Block metadata.
    3. Added the hot switch capability in the GooseFS client to improve disaster recovery measures.
    4. Added the infrastructure for certain full-linkage logs.
  • Optimizations:
    1. Optimized the high Raft failover latency.
    2. Optimized the memory usage of the GooseFS HCFS client.
  • Bug fixes
    1. Fixed the issue of journal disorder.
    2. Fixed the gRPC issue caused by Ratis deadlock.
    3. Fixed the incorrect HDFSUnderFileSystemFactory loading position.
    4. Fixed the Log4j2 vulnerabilities.
    5. Fixed ufsPath prefix check errors.
1.1.0 September 1, 2021
  • New features:
    1. Supported ranger authentication click [here to download the ranger plugin).
    2. Supported concurrent listing.
    3. Supported DistributedLoad directory atomicity.
    4. Supported the namespace cache allowlist.
    5. Supported imperceptible OFS scheme acceleration.
  • Optimizations:
    1. Added help commands for each subcommand in CLI.
    2. Optimized the logic to check for namespace existence during table mounting.
    3. Improved the monitoring of job workers and worker metrics.
  • Bug fixes:
    Fixed the issue of DistributedLoad read bloat.
This version is no longer maintained. Download the latest version.
1.0.0 June 1, 2021
  1. Namespace-based read/write policy and TTL management.
  2. Prefetch at Hive table and table partition levels.
  3. Compatibility with paths of existing COSN users to achieve imperceptible acceleration.
  4. Fluid integration with GooseFS.
  5. CHDFS support integration.
This version is no longer maintained. Download the latest version.
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