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Deleting Buckets

Last updated: 2021-11-25 12:52:18


    This document provides an overview of APIs and SDK code samples related to how to delete a bucket.

    API Operation Description
    DELETE Bucket Deleting a bucket Deletes an empty bucket from a specified account

    SDK API References

    For the parameters and method description of all the APIs in the SDK, see API Documentation.

    Deleting a Bucket


    This API is used to delete a specified bucket.


    Before deleting a bucket, please make sure that all the data and incomplete multipart uploads in the bucket have been deleted; otherwise, the bucket cannot be deleted.

    Sample code

    using COSXML.Model.Bucket;
    using COSXML.Auth;
    using System;
    using COSXML;
    namespace COSSnippet
       public class DeleteBucketModel {
          private CosXml cosXml;
          DeleteBucketModel() {
           CosXmlConfig config = new CosXmlConfig.Builder()
             .SetRegion("COS_REGION") // Set the default region. For abbreviations of COS regions, visit https://www.tencentcloud.com/document/product/436/6224?from_cn_redirect=1. 
           string secretId = "SECRET_ID";   // SecretId of the TencentCloud API. For more information about how to obtain the API key, see https://console.tencentcloud.com/cam/capi.
           string secretKey = "SECRET_KEY"; // SecretKey of the TencentCloud API. For more information about how to obtain the API key, see https://console.tencentcloud.com/cam/capi.
           long durationSecond = 600;          // Validity period of the request signature in seconds
           QCloudCredentialProvider qCloudCredentialProvider = new DefaultQCloudCredentialProvider(secretId, 
             secretKey, durationSecond);
           this.cosXml = new CosXmlServer(config, qCloudCredentialProvider);
          /// Delete a bucket.
         public void DeleteBucket()
             // Bucket name in the format of BucketName-APPID. You can get APPID by referring to https://console.tencentcloud.com/developer.
             string bucket = "examplebucket-1250000000";
             DeleteBucketRequest request = new DeleteBucketRequest(bucket);
             // Execute the request
             DeleteBucketResult result = cosXml.DeleteBucket(request);
             // Request succeeded
           catch (COSXML.CosException.CosClientException clientEx)
             // Request failed
             Console.WriteLine("CosClientException: " + clientEx);
           catch (COSXML.CosException.CosServerException serverEx)
             // Request failed
             Console.WriteLine("CosServerException: " + serverEx.GetInfo());
         // .cssg-methods-pragma
          static void Main(string[] args)
           DeleteBucketModel m = new DeleteBucketModel();
            /// Delete a bucket.
           // .cssg-methods-pragma

    For the complete sample, go to GitHub.

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