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Setting Object Tag

Last updated: 2022-08-30 15:13:15


    Object tagging is designed to help you group and manage objects in your bucket by adding a key-value pair as an object tag. An object tag consists of a tagKey, a =, and a tagValue, such as group = IT. You can set, query, and delete tags on the specified object.


    • Object tagging is a paid feature. For detailed pricing, see Pricing | Cloud Object Storage.
    • You can add up to ten unique tags for an object.
    • Tag keys and tag values are case-sensitive. Both of them can contain 1–127 UTF-8 letters, spaces, digits, or special symbols + - = ._ : / @ .
      For more restrictions, see Object Tag Overview.


    Adding tag during object upload

    1. You can add a tag when uploading an object as shown below:
    2. After successful upload, the object tag will be added.
      You can go to the File List page of the bucket, find the tagged object, and click More > Add Tags to view, edit, or delete the added tag.

    Adding tag uploaded object

    If you did not add tags when uploading a new object, follow the steps below to add them subsequently.

    1. Go to the File List page as instructed in Viewing Object Information.
    2. Find the target object and click More > Add Tags.
    3. In the pop-up window, click Add Tags, enter the tag key and value, and save.

    To modify or delete the tag, click Edit or Delete in this window.

    Using object tag

    After the object tag is set, you can set a lifecycle rule for objects with the same object tag. For more information, see Setting Lifecycle.

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