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Listing Incomplete Multipart Uploads - lsparts

Last updated: 2022-05-03 11:08:19

    The lsparts command is used to list the generated incomplete multipart uploads.

    Command Syntax

    ./coscli lsparts cos://<bucketAlias>[/prefix/] [flag]

    The lsparts command contains the following optional flags:

    Flag Abbreviation Flag Full Name Description
    None --include Includes specific objects.
    None --exclude Excludes specific objects.
    None --limit Specifies the maximum quantity (0–1000) to be listed.


    Listing all incomplete multipart uploads in bucket1 bucket

    ./coscli lsparts cos://bucket1

    Listing all incomplete multipart uploads in picture folder in bucket1 bucket

    ./coscli lsparts cos://bucket1/picture/
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