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Common Options

Last updated: 2022-05-09 14:18:31

    You can view the common options supported by COSCLI with the ./coscli --help or ./coscli -h command.

    Option Description

    The following are common options for COSCLI, which can be used in all its commands:

    Option Description
    -h, --help Outputs help information. You can view the help information and usage of the tool with the -h or --help command. You can also enter -h after each command (with no parameter appended) to see how to use the command. For example, to view the specific usage of the bucket creation command, enter coscli mb -h.
    -c, --config-path Configuration file path, which is ~/.cos.yaml for COSCLI by default. You can also specify a custom configuration file by adding -c after a command.
    -e, --endpoint In addition to configuring the region of a bucket in advance in the configuration file, you can also use -e in COSCLI to specify the bucket endpoint in the format of cos.<region>.myqcloud.com, where <region> represents the bucket region, such as ap-guangzhou and ap-beijing. For the list of regions supported by COS, see Regions and Access Endpoints.
    -i, --secret-id Specifies the SecretId used to access COS.
    -k, --secret-key Specifies the SecretKey used to access COS.
    -t, --session-token If you access COS with a temporary key, you can use -t to specify its token.
    -v, --version Displays the COSCLI version.


    Example 1: Switching bucket to upload an object

    When you need to switch to a bucket in another region through COSCLI, you can use the -e option to specify the endpoint of the bucket.

    For example, to upload the local file test.txt to the bucket examplebucket-1250000000 in the Chengdu region with the endpoint cos.ap-chengdu.myqcloud.com, run the following command:

    ./coscli cp test.txt cos://examplebucket-1250000000/test.txt -e cos.ap-chengdu.myqcloud.com

    Example 2: Switching user account to view the file list

    When you need to use the identity of another account, you can use the -i and -k options to specify the SecretId and SecretKey of your key respectively.

    For example, to use the identity of another account to list the files in the bucket examplebucket-1250000000 in the Chengdu region, run the following command:

    ./coscli ls cos://examplebucket-1250000000 -e cos.ap-chengdu.myqcloud.com -i AKIDYv3vWrwkHXVDfqkNjoc9PP8anjOm**** -k 4rNbYF1XmmVw67rKWTBernUu66u****

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