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Video Metadata Acquisition

Last updated: 2022-05-23 12:27:25


    This document provides an overview of APIs and SDK code samples for video processing information in CI.

    API Operation Description
    GenerateMediainfo Getting media file information Queries the details of a media file in a bucket

    Basic Operations

    Getting media file information

    Feature description

    This API is used to query the details of a media file in a bucket.

    Method prototype

    public MediaInfoResponse generateMediainfo(MediaInfoRequest request);

    Parameter description

    Parameter Description Type Required
    bucketName Bucket name in the format of BucketName-APPID. For more information, see Bucket Overview. String Yes
    object Location information of the object queried by input.obget in the bucket String Yes

    Response description

    • Success: The media object information is returned.
    • Failure: An error (such as the bucket does not exist) occurs, throwing the CosClientException or CosServiceException exception. For more information, see Troubleshooting.

    Sample request

    //1. Create a media information request object
    MediaInfoRequest request = new MediaInfoRequest();
    //2. Add request parameters as detailed in the API documentation
    //3. Call the API to get the media information response object
    MediaInfoResponse response = client.generateMediainfo(request);
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