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Last updated: 2021-07-27 10:08:18

    Does COS support file decompression?

    File decompression is a data processing solution provided by Tencent Cloud COS based on Serverless Cloud Function (SCF). For more information, see File Decompression.

    Does COS file decompression decompress compressed files in second-level directories?

    No. However, you can adjust the function logic to implement the feature.

    Does COS support automatic compression upon file upload?


    Does COS support automatic CDN purging?

    You can configure automatic CDN purging via Serverless Cloud Function (SCF). For operation details, see CDN Cache Purging.

    Can I back up cloud database data to COS?

    You can configure the database backup feature via Serverless Cloud Function (SCF). After you configure backup function rules for the specified bucket, SCF will regularly scan for your database backup files and dump them to the bucket. For operation details, see Setting Cloud Database Backup.

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