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Installation and Login

Last updated: 2022-12-19 12:17:36

    Download and Installation

    Downloading software

    OS System Requirements Download Address
    Android Android 4.4 or Later Android
    iOS iOS 11 and later iOS


    COSBrowser Mobile Version is currently available in most app platforms such as MyApp and App Store. You can download it from the above download address or in an app platform.

    Login Options

    COSBrowser Mobile Version supports the following login options:

    • Login with email: If your Tencent Cloud account was created through email or associated with a specific email address, you can log in to COSBrowser by entering the email address and password.
    • Login with permanent key: You can log in using your TencentCloud API key (SecretId and SecretKey; project key is not supported), which can be created or obtained on the API Key Management page in the CAM console. After successful login, the account will be kept logged in permanently.

    • Sub-accounts can log in with a key.
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