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Comparison with Apache Kafka

Last updated: 2022-08-11 16:42:22

The performance comparison between CKafka and open-source Apache Kafka is as follows:

Feature CKafka Apache Kafka
Basic features Supports adjusting topic parameter configurations and the number of topic partitions, sending messages, and resetting the consumption offset in the console; supports visual management for clusters, topics, and consumer groups. Topic parameters and the number of partitions can only be configured with command lines in a non-customized manner; message sending is not supported; the consumption offset must be reset manually, which is complicated and error-prone; and an open-source management system is required, making Apache Kafka less user-friendly.
Smart Ops Supports automatic disk capacity scaling, quick diagnosis, smart inspection (with solutions provided), and smart disk configuration. Not supported.
Isolation The following features are supported: creating multiple instances based on one physical cluster; usage limit based on bandwidth and disk capacity; topic-level traffic throttling; the configuration of multiple access points; the isolation between the control plane and data plane; logically isolating cross-account data. Not supported.
Monitoring and alarming Offers out-of-the-box deployment and monitoring solutions that are mature and standardized; supports multidimensional monitoring and alarming, metric sorting, and viewing the details of logs (such as exception event logs) in the console for troubleshooting. Not supported.
High availability Supports high-availability and multi-AZ deployment and offers mature failure recovery solutions; supports upgrading from single-AZ deployment to multi-AZ deployment as well as cross-region disaster recovery. Supported, but the process is time-consuming.
Security compliance Supports ACL in topic dimension; supports configuring SASL and SSL authentication in the console; supports the permission control for management and control operations (which are rewindable) via CloudAudit Parameters need to be configured with command lines, which is complicated and error-prone; operations are non-rewindable.
Others You can seamlessly upgrade CKafka to a new version when the community edition has bugs or security vulnerabilities. N/A
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