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AZ Migration

Last updated: 2024-01-09 14:47:32


    You can migrate a CKafka Pro Edition instance to another AZ in the same region. All its attributes, configurations, and connection address will stay unchanged after the migration. The time it takes to migrate the instance is subject to the instance's data volume.
    For example, you can migrate to a new AZ in the following scenarios:
    If you want to modify an instance's type, but the current AZ doesn't support the new instance type, you can migrate the instance to an AZ supporting the new type.
    If the current AZ has no remaining resources for scaling, you can also migrate the instance to another AZ in the same region with sufficient resources to meet your business needs.


    The instance is running.
    The region where the instance is located has multiple AZs to support cross-AZ migration.

    Billing Description

    This feature is free of charge. There is no charge even for migrating an instance from a single AZ to multiple AZs.


    If the original instance is deployed in a single AZ, you can switch the AZ or upgrade to multi-AZ deployment.
    If the original instance is deployed in multiple AZs, you can switch AZs but cannot downgrade to single-AZ deployment.

    Migration Type

    Migration Type
    Applicable Scenario
    Migration from one AZ to another AZ
    The AZ where the instance is located is under full load or other conditions that affect the instance performance.
    Migration from one AZ to multiple AZs
    You can improve the disaster recovery capability of the instance and implement cross-data center disaster recovery. Source and replica instances are located in different AZs. Multi-AZ instances can withstand higher levels of disasters than single-AZ instances. For example, the latter can tolerate server- and rack-level failures, while the former can tolerate data center-level failures.


    1. Log in to the CKafka console.
    2. Click Instance List on the left sidebar and click the ID/Name of the target instance to enter the basic information page.
    3. In the Basic Info module, click Edit on the right of the current AZ and select the AZ you want to switch to.
    4. Click OK. It will take 5–10 minutes to complete the configuration adjustment. You can view the progress in the Status column in the instance list.
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