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Elastic Bandwidth

Last updated: 2024-05-27 15:58:29


    TDMQ for Ckafka offers fixed bandwidth specifications, and supports the upgrade and downgrade feature. This facilitates users to make adjustments when there are changes in business. However, in the actual business operation scenarios, we often find unpredictable changes in business traffic. Also, due to potential data migration, the expansion time cannot be controlled, thus causing unexpected impacts on the business.
    To address such issues, the Pro Edition of TDMQ for Ckafka introduces the capability of elastic bandwidth. That is, when the business exceeds the cluster's fixed specifications, a certain degree of elastic space will still be provided to ensure the normal operation of the business.

    Feature Overview

    The Pro Edition of TDMQ for Ckafka supports elastic bandwidth configuration. This is suitable for scenarios where there is occasional sudden traffic on the business. The part exceeding the instance specifications is charged on a pay-as-you-go basis, and the incremental part that can be added has an upper limit. If the business traffic exceeds the instance specifications for most of the time, it is recommended to quickly scale up or down using the existing upgrade and downgrade capability.

    Billing Description

    The pay-as-you-go method is adopted for elastic bandwidth. Once the billing mode is enabled, no fees will be incurred if elastic bandwidth is not used. The Pro Edition's console offers relevant monitoring metrics to help with observation.
    The billing items for elastic bandwidth consist of two parts: elastic production traffic and elastic consumption traffic. The related billing methods are outlined in the following table:
    Billing Items
    Calculation Formula
    Settlement Method
    Elastic Production Fees
    Total Elastic Production Traffic (GB) (excluding traffic generated by replicas) x Elastic Pricing (CNY/GB) x Number of Replicas
    The time is settled hourly. If the time is less than one hour, it is counted as one hour.
    Billing is pushed daily
    Elastic Consumption Fees
    Total Elastic Consumption Traffic (GB) (excluding traffic generated by replicas) x Elastic Pricing (CNY/GB)
    The time is settled hourly. If the time is less than one hour, it is counted as one hour. Billing is pushed daily

    Elastic Bandwidth Space

    Available space of elastic bandwidth. It is related to Pro Edition cluster specifications, and below is the corresponding elastic interval.
    Bandwidth Range (MB/s)
    Upward Adjustment Margin (MB/s)
    1,600 and above

    Use Limits

    1. Current elastic bandwidth configuration does not support deactivation once enabled.
    2. This feature is in allowlist grayscale testing. To enable, you may Contact Us.
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