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Failure to Delete Expired Messages Promptly

Last updated: 2024-01-09 14:57:56

    Issue Description

    Expired messages are not deleted promptly.

    Possible Causes

    The message deletion mechanism of Kafka may cause a problem where expired messages are not deleted promptly in certain business scenarios. You may feel confused if you are unfamiliar with this mechanism. For example, the message timestamps in partition 0 and partition 7 are obviously different, but the expired messages in partition 0 are not deleted promptly.

    Kafka Message Deletion Mechanism

    Kafka data is stored in three dimensions: topic, partition, and data segment. The message data deletion conditions are as follows:
    Message data is deleted in the unit of data segment based on the retention period.
    Currently, the maximum size of a data segment is set to 1 GB. After a data segment reaches 1 GB in size, a new segment will be generated, and so on.
    Only after all messages in a data segment expire will the segment be deleted.
    If a message in a data segment is still within the retention period, such as the last row of a segment file, then the file will not be deleted.
    For some reasons, messages are written unevenly and concentrated in a certain partition (such as partition 7), while some other partitions (such as partition 0) have little data. In this case, the size of the data segment in partition 0 does not reach 1 GB, so no new segments are generated; however, there is data in the entire data segment within the retention period. Therefore, messages in partition 0 will not be deleted.
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