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Use Cases

Last updated: 2024-01-09 14:54:11

    Data reporting and query

    CKafka Connector supports a wide range of data reporting scenarios, such as operation behavior analysis on mobile applications, bug log reporting on frontend pages, and business data reporting. In general, reported data needs to be dumped to downstream storage and analysis systems like Elasticsearch and HDFS for processing. Traditionally, this requires setting up a server, purchasing a storage system, and performing data integration, processing, and dumping while customizing code along the way. This is cumbersome and costly in terms of long-term system Ops.
    By going SaaS, CKafka Connector allows you to create a complete linkage in just two steps: configure in the console and report data in the SDK. It is designed to be serverless and pay-as-you-go, removing the need to estimate the capacity in advance and saving costs in development and use.

    Database change subscription

    Using the CDC mechanism, CKafka Connector can subscribe to data changes in various databases such as binlog of TencentDB for MySQL, change stream of TencentDB for MongoDB, and row-level change of TencentDB for PostgreSQL/SQL Server. In real-world business scenarios, you often need to subscribe to MySQL binlogs to get the change history (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, DDL, DML, etc.), as well as perform business logic processing such as query, failure recovery, and analysis.
    Generally, you have to customize a CDC-based database subscription component like Canal, Debezium, or Flink CDC to subscribe to data changes. These components are labor-intensive to build and maintain. You also need to have a complete monitoring system in place to ensure that the subscription component runs smoothly.
    In contrast, CKafka Connector provides SaaS components that enable data subscription, processing, and dumping through simple UI configurations.

    Data integration

    CKafka Connector can integrate data from different sources (database, middleware, log, application system, etc.) in different environments (Tencent public cloud, self-built IDC, cross-cloud environment, hybrid cloud, etc.) to CKafka for convenient processing and distribution. In practice, database data, business client data from an application, and log data often need to be aggregated into a message queue for unified dumping, analysis, and processing after ETL.
    CKafka Connector offers robust data aggregation, storage, processing, and dumping capabilities. In short, it can easily integrate data by connecting different data sources to downstream data targets.

    Data ETL and dumping

    In some use cases, data from a cache layer component such as Kafka needs to be stored in a downstream system such as CKafka, ES, or COS after ETL. The common practice is to process the data with Logstash, Flink, or custom code and monitor those components to ensure their stable operation. However, in order to operate and maintain the components, it requires learning their syntax, specifications, and technical principles. This incurs significant costs which are unnecessary if all you need is simple data processing.
    CKafka Connector comes with lightweight, UI-based, data ETL and dumping capabilities that are simple to configure, making it easier for you to process and dump data to downstream storage systems.
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