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Last updated: 2022-06-02 16:45:07

    This document describes the strengths of CKafka compared to Apache Kafka.


    Full compatibility with Apache Kafka and easy migration

    • CKafka is compatible with Kafka 0.9, 0.10, 1.1 and 2.4.
    • CKafka is based on the existing code of the open-source Apace Kafka ecosystem. Without any changes to your existing project, you can migrate data to the cloud and enjoy the high-performance message queue services provided by Tencent Cloud Kafka.

    High performance

    • The message queue team at Tencent Cloud has optimized CKafka to allow you to enjoy higher-performance services without having to go through a complicated process of configuration.
    • CKafka supports upgrade and downgrade via UI operations and is backed by a powerful IaaS layer, delivering 10% to 20% higher production capabilities than Apache Kafka.

    High availability

    • Leveraging Tencent's years of experience in monitoring technologies, CKafka offers comprehensive monitoring on clusters and has a professional Ops team in place that responds to alarms on a 24/7 basis to ensure high availability.
    • Custom multi-AZ deployments in the same region is supported to improve disaster recovery ability.

    High reliability

    • CKafka uses highly reliable disks and can keep its services running even if 50% of the disks are unavailable.
    • 2 replicas are created by default, and up to 3 replicas can be used. The more replicas, the higher the reliability.

    Parallel scaling

    • The backend system automatically scales resources when cluster traffic and disk usage hit the alarm thresholds. The client side is unaffected during the process.
    • CKafka solves the problems in data migration with Apache Kafka and features smooth upgrade with no influence on your business.

    Data security

    CKafka provides security capabilities including authentication, authorization, and root account/sub-account, offering enterprise-level security services.

    • VPC: supports access from Tencent Cloud VPC, enhancing network security.
    • SASL authentication: allows safer public network access.
    • Root account/sub-account: supports CAM features including root account/sub-account and collaborator, enabling authorization between root and sub-accounts as well as across organizational accounts.

    Integration with cloud services

    CKafka can easily integrate with other Tencent Cloud services such as COS and EMR.

    Kafka Connector

    CKafka supports data transfer based on open-source Kafka Connector, enabling data transfer between Kafka clusters.

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