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Last updated: 2024-01-09 14:54:11


    CKafka Connector is a SaaS tool that helps you integrate, process, and distribute your data all in one stop. It offers HTTP/TCP-based SDKs for quick data reporting and uses Change Data Capture (CDC) for subscribing to and storing changes in databases such as TencentDB for MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB, making it easier for you to deliver logs across Tencent Cloud products. It also provides configurable ETL workflows and various data distribution channels, allowing you to build a low-cost data flow linkage from data sources to data processing systems.
    By going SaaS, CKafka Connector allows you to connect data in and off the cloud in cross-cloud and hybrid cloud scenarios. It comes with low-cost data flow capabilities that are simple to configure, helping you create a reliable and stable data linkage.


    Data reporting

    CKafka Connector offers client SDKs based on HTTP/TCP protocols to easily report data to various message queue services such as CKafka, TDMQ for Pulsar, and TDMQ for RocketMQ. It simplifies the data reporting process and completes data reporting in a SaaS manner, freeing you from developing and maintaining data reporting servers as well as learning the complex protocols of message queues.

    Database change subscription

    By using the CDC mechanism, CKafka Connector can subscribe to data changes in various databases such as binlog of TencentDB for MySQL, change stream of TencentDB for MongoDB, and row-level change of TencentDB for PostgreSQL/SQL Server. This makes it easier for your business to process, distribute, and query such data.

    Diverse data sources

    CKafka Connector opens up data connections in public cloud, cross-cloud, and hybrid cloud scenarios such as log, database, middleware, and HTTP. It can integrate logs from multiple Tencent Cloud services as well as data from your self-built sources and other clouds.

    Data ETL and distribution

    After data is reported to the message queue, CKafka Connector offers powerful visual data ETL configuration capabilities to conveniently and quickly ETL, format, and convert data and then dump the output data to downstream systems.

    Custom serverless processing

    By leveraging the strengths of the serverless platform and the pay-as-you-go billing and code customization capabilities of SCF, CKafka Connector allows you to write business logic based on functions for customized data processing and distribution.
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