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DataHub Overview

Last updated: 2022-05-20 11:23:46


    DataHub is a data access and processing platform in Tencent Cloud for one-stop data access, processing, and distribution. It can continuously receive and collect data from applications, web, cloud product logs, and other sources, and process the data in real time. This helps build a data flow linkage at low costs to connect data sources and data processing systems.


    DataHub features high availability, scalability, and security as well as real-time processing.

    High availability

    DataHub is based on the distributed deployment of CKafka to deliver a high stability.

    Real-time processing

    DataHub efficiently collects and processes data in real time.

    High scalability

    DataHub clusters are horizontally scalable, where instances can be seamlessly upgraded. The underlying system automatically scales elastically based on the business scope, and the scaling process is imperceptible to the upper-layer businesses.

    High security

    Tenants are isolated at the network level, so the network access to instances is naturally isolated among different accounts. CAM authentication of the management streams and SASL permission control of the data streams are supported for strict access control.

    Integration with upstream and downstream ecosystems

    DataHub can interconnect with more than 13 Tencent Cloud services for fast deployment, including TKE, COS, ES, CLS, and CDWCH.

    Unified Ops monitoring

    DataHub provides a complete set of Ops services empowered by the Tencent Cloud platform, including multidimensional monitoring of and alarming for tenant isolation, access control, message retention query, consumer details viewing, etc.

    Application Value

    CKafka is a high-throughput scalable distributed messaging system. Based on the publish/subscribe pattern, it enables async interactions between producers and consumers through message decoupling. It has many strengths, such as data compression and offline/real-time data processing.
    As a feature module of CKafka, DataHub allows you to perform GUI-enabled configuration in CKafka to connect common data sources and receivers immediately. It connects data sources to data processing systems so as to decouple such systems from business data sources.

    Data distribution hub

    DataHub supports accessing different types of data generated by various data sources for unified management and distribution to downstream offline/online processing systems, forming a clear data flow channel.

    Simple data cleansing

    DataHub can access different types of data from various data sources to simply cleanse, filter, and convert the data to generate unified structured data, making subsequent output, analysis, and archiving much easier.

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