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Last updated: 2024-01-09 14:43:36

    Pay-as-You-Go Instance Refund

    Pay-as-you-go instances can be released at any time, and then the billing will stop.

    Monthly Subscribed Instance Refund

    Standard return

    The refund amount will be returned to your account by the proportion of the cash and free credit paid for the purchase.
    Refunded amount = paid amount - (used duration/total duration) * discount applicable to the original order price
    A usage duration less than 1 day will be calculated as 1 day, and the current system discount matching the usage duration applies.
    For more information, see Return examples.

    Monthly subscribed instance return

    After a monthly subscribed instance is returned, once its status has changed to Terminating or Terminated, it will no longer incur fees.
    After a monthly subscribed instance is returned, all its configurations will be cleared and cannot be recovered.
    After a monthly subscribed instance is returned, it will remain isolated for 7 days. Back up its configurations in advance.
    Tencent Cloud has the right to reject any suspected abnormal or malicious application for return.

    Return examples

    The following prices are for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect the actual pricing shown on the official website. If you make a return, the actual unit prices at the time of purchase shall apply, which may vary by region, promotional campaign, or policy.


    You purchase a CKafka instance in Guangzhou Zone 3 for one month with a 17% discount, and you use a 100 USD voucher.
    The discounted price is 1200 * 0.83 = 996 USD. The paid amount is 996 - 100 = 896 USD.


    You want to return the instance after 10 days, and you are eligible for a return. The total usage duration is 241 hours. The 100 USD voucher used for purchase is not refundable. Refund cash amount = actual payment amount - used resource value = 896 - (241/720) * 896 = 596.09 USD.
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